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KABOOM – Pentagon Goes To War, Drops GOLIATH A-Bomb On America’s #1 Enemy!

President Donald Trump’s war on terror is already in full swing.

Throughout his campaign run, he said he would drop a tremendous sledgehammer on those who attack or even threaten our country. This of course includes ISIS and our long-time foe, Al-Qaeda.

Just recently, Trump pushed a bill that would cut off all funding to Palestine, a known hotbed of terrorist activity.

But he has done much more than that in recent months, as has General James Mattis. The bottom line is that terrorists are facing a new administration and in turn, a prodigious enemy.

We now have a commander-in-chief who will act accordingly when faced with dire threats; he has promised that freedom and liberty WILL prevail, and today’s report is iron-clad proof of that vow.

Fox News is reporting that for the second day in a row, American forces have pummeled Al-Qaeda in Yemen. There have been a total of 20 airstrikes launched at our enemies and right now, I imagine they’re feeling the pain.

And in a heartwarming twist, the same report connects these attacks to a raid conducted by Navy SEALs earlier this year, during which time Carryn Owens lost her brave husband.

They’re saying that if it hadn’t been for intel gathered in that raid, these strikes would never have happened.

Furthermore, while Al-Qaeda hasn’t been eliminated just yet, the attacks should serve to limit and contain the terrorist group, and could also put a serious strain on ISIS as well.

Lastly, the report warns about the instability of North Korea, which has long since been on everyone’s radar. It’s no secret that that country is headed up by a total madman, which is nerve-wracking for everyone, really.

At any rate, forward, President Trump! Terrorism MUST be eradicated!

Source: Fox News

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