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Woman Snaps Picture Of Fatal Crash…What She Captures SHOCKS The Victims’ Families

They say miracles happen every day, even if we can’t always see them.

Sometimes we do see them, like when a courageous bus driver saved 56 innocent souls from a raging fire.

Other times, we happen upon the miracle by accident, and then we wonder if we were ever supposed to see it at all…

On April 25, two young mothers and a 9-month-old baby lost their lives in a terrible accident.

Not long after, Anisa Gannon was driving down Route 347 in Georgia when she happened upon the scene. Unsurprisingly, she got stuck in the massive traffic jam that ensued.

So, to prove she wasn’t lying about it, she snapped a picture of the fatal crash to prove she had a good reason for being late to work.

But she never expected to see what that picture captured.

From Independent Journal Review:

…it wasn’t the long line of cars that caught her eye in the picture; it was the beaming light coming down from the sky over the wreck.

She thought:

Oh, my gosh. It’s a pathway to heaven.’

Eventually, the picture made its way to the mourning families. That’s when one of the victims’ aunt, Jodie Carter, described what she felt when she first saw the snapshot:

It took my breath away. Chills covered my body. And then a peace came over me.

I’m at peace with this because I know they’re in a better place than we are now.

Carter added that there can be only one possible explanation for the photo, and it doesn’t come as any surprise to her:

I see God taking them up to heaven. Their spirits, their orbs are up there. No other explanation.

Gannon said some people say it’s just glare but she said she doesn’t believe in coincidences, especially because the picture clearly shows two lights inside the bigger ray of light. And besides:

It brought the families peace, whether it’s a glare or not.

Exactly right. God works in mysterious ways; sometimes we shouldn’t try to analyze it, and simply revel in His goodness.

By the way, if you’d like to help the families in question, there are GoFundMe campaigns set up for Simmons, Hopkins, and Buteau.

Sources: Independent Journal Review, WSB-TV

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