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Liberals Said The Portland Killer Was Pro-Trump, But Guess Who This Nutjob REALLY Voted For…

There are plenty of kooks ready to go off the deep end.

Unfortunately, they are present in many different cultures and adhere to a variety of ideologies.

When these people commit horrendous crimes the key is to determine what motivated them to do so, which can be a difficult task.

Was it a twisted understanding of a religious faith or ideology? Or were their actions an accurate representation of those belief systems? Perhaps they were just insane?

Unfortunately, this sort of analysis is often avoided as it would point to some politically incorrect truths…

A recent Portland killer has been accused of being part of what is called the alt-right, but it turns out the liberal media was lying to us yet AGAIN.

From Conservative Tribune:

“The Facebook page of Jeremy Christian, the 35-year-old man accused of killing two people on a train in Portland, Oregon, after an anti-Muslim rant, revealed that he was a supporter of socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Wait…who?! Oh, so NOT Donald Trump?

“The killer — also frequently linked with President Donald Trump’s supporters in the media — openly stated that he could not ‘bring myself to vote’ for the president on the page.

He also threatened death to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and said it should be ‘carried out by Bernie Supporters who didn’t turn traitor and vote for Hillary.'”

Right off the bat we can tell that this guy has a LOT of emotional problems. It’s hard to imagine a more confused mix of ideologies.

The liberal attempt to paint this man as the natural culmination of conservative beliefs falls flat on its face.

In the first place, he supported Bernie Sanders. In the second place, he’s clearly a lunatic who betrays connection to any legitimate political ideology.

With a criminal history that he just added to, what we can be sure is that this man needs to be somewhere that he can no longer be a menace to citizens, political issues be demanded.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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