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Preschool Hires Refugee, Then 3 Months Later Parents Get A Call That Changes Their Lives Forever

Radical Muslims, Jihadists, and those who embrace Sharia Law can be an extreme danger to innocents.

How many pieces of horrendous evidence do we need?

How about the Muslim guy who molested 8 women at the beach, only to be released by a liberal judge due to “cultural differences?”

Or what about the Islam lover who killed a firefighter while trying to BEHEAD him? Where does all this end?

Well, the problem has spread throughout the world and now, parents in Sweden are learning why open borders is a supremely bad idea. They’ve also learned that their children aren’t safe in this world.

That’s really the worst part: When children suffer.

According to MAD World News, a daycare and preschool hired a young asylum seeker (tolerance and diversity and all that), but then the unthinkable happened…

After just 100 days at his new job, the asylum seeker was arrested for raping an undisclosed number of nursery age children.

Parents were horrified when the school called them in for an emergency meeting last week to inform them that all of their children had been exposed to the pedophile and that they weren’t sure how many were victims of his sexual abuse.

Well, that’s just plain disgusting. But it gets worse.

Though the criminal was arrested on April 18, the school didn’t inform parents until May 5. Furthermore, the school refused to divulge much in the way of details, as they were trying to “escape public backlash.”

And let’s not forget this sick pig worked at the school for three months, so there’s no knowing how much mental and physical damage he caused.

Hey, know who doesn’t have this problem? Poland. They stopped letting in refugees and now they’re one of the safest countries in the world.

Sweden, on the other hand, is imploding.

…if America isn’t careful, it could happen here as well. Be careful out there, fellow citizens!

Source: MAD World News

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