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President Trump Gives America Some TERRIBLE News, Then Saves The Freakin’ Day

President Donald Trump’s about to release his budget proposal, which includes cuts across the board in all the major Capitol Hill departments.

This also includes what he’s calling “phenomenal tax cuts” for all American citizens.

And that squeamish, squishy sound you hear coming from Washington, D.C., is the sound of Democrats, en masse, shifting uncomfortably in their seats as they unhappily anticipate the trim-backs to their pet entitlement programs.

Or, as Trump’s put it: Get ready, the relief to taxpayers is a’comin.’

About time, too, after eight years of shockingly high flying deficits under Barack Obama.

This is what Trump has to say about his new budget plans, Breitbart noted:

“We must do a lot more with less. The finances of this country are a mess but we’re going to clean that up. I can’t take too much of the blame for what’s happened, but it is absolutely out of control.”

Obama not only killed job growth, by regulating the heck out of the few companies that didn’t flee to overseas’ locations during his eight years of reign – er, leadership.

He also welcomed in as many as low-salary earners as he could by way of his amnesty designs, thus making sure the citizens of this country would just stay home and collect unemployment and food stamps, because their new-reality low wages wouldn’t even pay for child care.

All the while the national debt continued to spiral totally out of control, as we’re finding out now.

Oh, and on top of that:

Obama made it clear that those companies that did succeed did not do so without the help of the government, that is was the government that built the roads so that customers could travel to the places of business, that it was the government who educated the children who then went on to work in the businesses. Yada, yada.

But now: New day, America.

And with Trump, looks like we’re going to get some numbers that actually work for Americans, and a financial situation that doesn’t rely so much on government provision but rather individual ingenuity and hard work once again.

Plus, the saving has already begun:

We have already saved a lot – billions and billions of dollars,’ he said, referring to his efforts at renegotiating federal contracts.

Source: Breitbart

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