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Breaking: President Trump Drops EXPLOSIVE Executive Order…Obama Can’t Believe It!

From the start, Donald Trump targeted one of Barack Obama’s most hated programs.

And despite desperate attempts by Democrats to stop it, it seems clear that President Trump is already taking strides to eradicate this failed system in record time. In fact, one of his very first actions as POTUS may have paved the way for speedy destruction.

Trump has been at Obamacare’s throat for a long time now and though some Republicans are a little hesitant to completely repeal the current healthcare policy, many Americans want it GONE.

Like now.

And according to a Washington Times report, one of Trump’s first executive orders “appears to give the new administration enough leeway to target the most unpopular aspect of his predecessor’s law — a mandate requiring Americans to get covered or pay a fine.

The order also should allow for selling insurance across state lines and targets “greater flexibility to states” in implementing new health programs. These are all key elements of the overarching plan to repeal The Affordable Care Act (an obvious misnomer).

Republicans have praised this order, saying it really gets things going on the right path; Americans can expect “relief from Obamacare’s soaring premiums and dwindling choices.”

“’This action demonstrates that President Trump is committed to fixing the damage caused by Obamacare as soon as possible,’” Sen. John Barrasso, Wyoming Republican, said.

The goal is to ditch the current system and give us one that offers fixed tax credits and “unleashes market forces to entice people into health coverage,” as opposed to Obama’s individual order that basically forces people into said marketplace.

Yes, the wheels are in motion and honestly, it’s about damn time.

Look, Obamacare is a catastrophe, as the statistics have proven time and time again. It makes sense to have a plan in place before destroying the old one, of course, but the Affordable Care Act has only served to cripple the entire healthcare system, so we can’t afford to ignore it for very long.

Trump is already making this country healthier! Hallelujah!

Source: The Washington Times

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