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Breaking: President Trump Gives America A BILLION-DOLLAR Gift – We Are SOARING!

There is a plethora of evidence to show that while Barack Obama was president, the NY Stock Exchange was a place of dreary drudgery and dull-eyed disappointment…and with good reason.

The man could not inspire an ant to attend a White House picnic.

The legacy of Obama will be one of lackadaisical anticipation of a new day that would never arrive.

He gave out phones, promised free healthcare, was going to end the planet’s suffering due to Global Warming (which we’re finding out now is one colossal SCAM), was going to end America’s dependence on oil, was going to teach NASA to inspire Muslims to reach new heights, would close Guantanamo Base…

I mean, the man was on a mission. And unfortunately for his followers, none of it ever came to fruition. The only thing that happened was taxpayers lost billions to Obama’s overseas…dealings.

As for Donald Trump, he has now officially been in office for a total of forty-one days, and he’s on track to outstrip all Obama achievements in his entire two terms as president.

Western Journalism:

The U.S. stock market soared to new heights on Wednesday riding on the positive atmosphere generated by President Donald Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress.

For the first time ever, the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed the 21,000 mark rising over 200 points from Tuesday’s close.

Both the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq averages also climbed sharply at .87 and .83 percent respectively.

This AFTER a record 16 days straight of the Stock Market closing with record highs, another clear indicator of the Trump Effect.

And, by the way, just released today: Lowest unemployment applications in the month of January (22K people applied) in 43 YEARS!

I’m positive that Obama will be tooting his little tin horn in the Shadow Government HQs down the street from the White House and taking credit for all of it. But really, let’s just be positive about this.

America is on the UPSWING!

Source: Western Journalism

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