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Explosive: President Trump Detonates ENORMOUS A-Bomb On Iran…He Will NOT Be Bullied!

Note to Iran: This is not Barack Obama’s White House.

After Iran decided to test a few missiles, President Trump’s administration reacted quickly and warned Iran that, just in case they were wondering, the U.S. IS watching…so be careful.

Obama may have let you get away with all sorts of things, but Trump isn’t about to look the other way.

See, our former president just wanted to send billions of dollars to the United Nations; he wasn’t all that interested in protecting America’s interests. Besides, we all know he loves Iran, anyway.

But Trump?

Well, after Iran completely disregarded the United Nations and a 2015 Security Council resolution that prohibits the nation from test-firing ballistic missiles, Trump’s team sent a simple but firm message (click the link above) and now, Iran has responded.

They’re a little cocky, according to a report found at Conservative Tribune. Ali Akbar Velayati, a foreign affairs adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had the gall to say this:

This is not the first time that an inexperienced person has threatened Iran. Iran does not need permission from any country to defend itself.

Well, you know what, Iran? Neither does America.

And the fact that Trump just slapped more sanctions on Tehran should show how very different this White House administration is from the last.

This was our president’s response to Iran’s bragging, which is absolutely fitting. Via CNN:

In response to Iran’s comments, the U.S. imposed new sanctions on Iran on Feb. 3. While exact specifications regarding the news sanctions were not immediately clear, the Trump administration disclosed that 25 individuals and companies were affected by them.

Yeah, that’s right. Just keep talking Iran because Trump will be more than happy to keep slinging those sanctions.

Where Obama was all talk and all concession, to the point of forging a nuclear pact that endangers Israel and the West, including America, Trump is a bit more hard-charging.

We are NOT going to forget the BILLIONS in cash and gold Obama sent to Iran and we’re willing to bet Trump will do NO such thing.

And if you really want to push it, Iran, we have just one question for you: Can you say “Mad Dog Mattis?”

Iran may soon learn first-hand why the bold, aggressive general won his “mad dog” monicker…

Source: Conservative Tribune, CNN

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