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Breaking: President Trump Launches An EXPLOSIVE Missile…America’s Enemies Are Stunned!

President Donald Trump doesn’t think too highly of the media.

When he lowered the boom and booted CNN, The New York Times, L.A. Times, and Politico from the White House during a recent press event, America learned just how serious our president is about keeping these spin doctors at bay.

They’ve been caught dishing out fake news and misrepresenting facts so many times, thinking citizens have realized that big news sources cannot be trusted.

These people aren’t journalists. They’re mouthpieces for a painfully obvious liberal and often socialist agenda, which is precisely why Trump wants to avoid them.

We’ve been on to their despicable little game for a while and so has Trump. News outlets bashing Trump throughout his campaign couldn’t stop him from being elected, but when they start to LIE to America on a frequent basis…

Maybe that’s why President Trump will NOT be attending the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner on April 29.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

The decision comes shortly after Trump’s speech to the Conservative Political Action Committee, at which time he slammed the “fake news” media and targeted so-called “reporters” who used unproven, anonymous sources.

In reply, White House Correspondents’ Association president Jeff Mason issued the following Tweet:

If these “promising students” have any contact whatsoever with the journalists of today, they will unfortunately just become more of the same:

Insanely biased liberal spin doctors who honestly believe they have to tell America what to think. Is anybody else sickened by that little slip on live TV, by the way?

The media has not only had this agenda for years, they’re insulting the hell out of all citizens by STILL believing every Conservative is a drooling, wife-beating Neanderthal. Oh yes, we all need to be educated, right?

Well, Trump refusing to attend this dinner makes a very big statement and once again, all of America should listen.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Donald Trump Twitter

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