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WHOA! President Trump Just FIRED Obama’s TOP CRONY, And Liberals Are PISSED!

Raise your hand if you remember the now infamous Obama NASA Muslim Outreach Program.

Obama commanded his subjects at NASA to tailor messages to the Muslim community to let them know that they were loved. No, seriously.

Of course, being the loyal serfs they are, NASA officials jumped right up and made it happen.

But the day has come to clean house. Not only was our former president involved in some seriously shady shenanigans with other countries, he also ruled this country with an iron fist.

President Donald Trump has had it up to here with these holdovers from the Obama era and now, he has axed yet another of our former commander-in-chief’s loyal sycophants.

This lapdog was the Surgeon General who took his title to be King of the Universe, because he certainly acted as if he was.

In an effort to push Obama’s Liberal agenda forward in the confiscation of all Americans’ guns, he happily complied with yet another command by his Lord and Savior.

This Surgeon General decided once and for all that gun violence was a public health issue and the solution was to steal all legally-owned weapons from law-abiding citizens.


“[Vivek] Murthy was confirmed to the position of Surgeon General on December 15, 2014. The lead-up to the confirmation vote on Murthy focused on his ‘political activism,’ particularly his positions on gun control.

Opposition from the NRA and other gun rights groups – together with Republican opposition – actually made it difficult to predict whether Murthy could be confirmed.

In fact, he was so pro-gun control that Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), a red state Democratic proponent of gun control, refused to vote for him.

But former Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) crossed the aisle and voted yes in Manchin’s place, giving Americans a Surgeon General who viewed gun policy as a ‘health care issue.’

On Friday, the Trump administration asked Obama’s pro-gun control Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, to resign.

Murthy has now been removed and replaced by Rear Adm. Sylvia Trent-Adams. She was previously the Deputy Surgeon General.

So, you see, even those Liberals who are in positions completely removed from agenda items, are able to interject their own brand of craziness on America through activism.

There’s a reason why the current president wants to investigate certain Obama lapdogs; they really did believe they were above the law. All liberals do, apparently, and that’s why the country suffered.

At least Trump has made strides toward re-instituting some sanity and common sense in government.

Source: Breitbart

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