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Breaking: President Trump Drops ATOMIC BOMB On Palestine, Liberals Lose Their Minds!

President Donald Trump = Friend to Jews

We knew this last year, after the incendiary UN/Israel/Obama dustup, which left millions of annoyed Jewish individuals FUMING. And rightfully so.

Just because the United Nations has buyer’s remorse about upholding the Jewish State of Israel back in 1949, doesn’t mean that they can start retroactively punishing the Jews all the way back to the time of Moses.

Secondly, and more importantly, the United States has nearly 100% in common with Israel and about 0% in common with those who break peace treaties, send children to kill themselves for the greater glory of Allah, and want to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.

It’s a pretty good guess who Trump would rather hang out with; heck, he invited this great man to his inauguration last month, remember?

Now, from Right Wing News:

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with President Trump at the White House today. The demeanor was lighthearted and happy… a stark contrast to the antipathy seen by all between Bibi and Barack Obama.

There is no greater supporter of the Jewish people and the Jewish state than Pres. Donald Trump,’ said Netanyahu.

And that warms my heart. At the meeting today, a couple of things happened. First, Trump is seriously considering moving the American embassy to Jerusalem. Second, he has asked Netanyahu to back off building more settlement housing for now. The rapport was very friendly between the two men and it looked like they reached a consensus.

Palestinians murder Israelis whenever they can. And yet the left equivocates and says that Israel is just as bad or worse than the Palestinians. I have only ever seen Israelis kill them when they were attacked first. You can’t say that of the Palestinians… they use terror as a weapon. They also use children to carry out suicide bombings and attacks. They are monsters and it is long past time they were labeled for what they truly are.

The left doesn’t care about Jews… they hate them. Now, if you are Muslim, they will fight to the death for you. Or a transgender, because social justice! The problem with the left is they have no moral compass and can’t tell right from wrong, good from evil. So, they wind up on the side of the bad guys every freaking time.

It all comes down to a sad truth that the Democrats have become the modern Nazi party.

They despise the Jews, hate their ingenuity, their defense of their nation, their resourcefulness, and their dogged determination and dedication to the peace and prosperity of their own people and any allies who stand with them.

The anti-Semitism of the Left is so profuse and so profound that they will even go so far as to support and fund terrorism (think Iran Nuclear Deal) in order to poke a finger in the eye of Israel.

Maybe there’s a reason why it’s more likely to find a mentally ill leftist

It is about time that Netanyahu has a good, decent, and respectful (and truthful) ally in the Oval Office.

Now, if only the Democrats would drop “Hate for the Jews” from their platform, we might be able to more succinctly deal with Islamist terrorism.

Source: Right Wing News

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