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President Trump Just Proved He’s More Down-To-Earth Than Obama Ever THOUGHT Of Being

When on the campaign trail, then President-elect Donald Trump suffered the same slings and arrows, over and over.

One of the most popularly-fired missiles from the Left was this: Trump hates the “little people” and only cares about “rich white men.”

Of course, they will now ignore the fact that Trump has already created thousands of blue-collar jobs here in America. And they’ll ignore this, too.

This country is built on the blood, sweat, and toil of the working class and the common laborer. The people who make this country run on a daily basis are indeed the backbone of a strong society.

Liberals seem to believe Trump doesn’t agree with this. They think he’s going to steal everything from them…when in reality, Democrats have done more to hurt blue-collar workers than any party in the history of mankind.

See, they support NON-workers. Real helpful.

Anyway, our new president is definitely pro-American and pro-blue collar. Check this out, via Breitbart:

President Donald Trump welcomed trucking organizations to the White House on Thursday, praising them for their contributions to the United States.

No one knows America like truckers know America,’ Trump said. ‘You see it every day, and you see every hill, and you see every valley, and you see every pothole on our roads that have to be redone, right?

Trump praised truckers for transporting goods across the nation and keeping America running.

‘You love America, and you love the spirit, and we love your spirit, and we want to thank you very much,’ Trump said.

Trump added that he was aware of the effect Obamacare was having on truckers, and he admitted his team still has some work to do in the healthcare field. Yeah, Obamacare is a disaster, plain and simple.

And at the same time, he continues to electrify our markets, which benefits everyone.

The bottom line is that Trump has already proven to be more down-to-earth, more of a friend to the so-called “little people” than Barack Obama ever THOUGHT of being.

FACT, liberals.

Source: Breitbart

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