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DEAR LIBERALS: If President Trump Is A Racist Bigot, How Come THIS Keeps Happening?

Get ready to pinch yourself, because after you read this story, you’re going to feel like you’re in a dream.

Now, as we’ve seen, sanctuary cities are taking a beating clear across the country. President Trump’s promise to deal with this colossal problem has led to widespread panicking…which is GOOD.

From Texas enforcing the law as every state damn well should to various politicians and insiders stepping up and going, “yes, these have to go,” this nation is starting to crack down big time on sanctuary cities.

But here’s today’s revelation:

We all know Republicans want to defund sanctuary cities. And it’s only Republicans and Conservatives who want this, right? And they’re all white, right? Well…no.

This will probably come as a huge shock to all the liberals out there, but there’s one particular group that is also on board with stripping sanctuary cities of federal tax dollars. And they’re similarly in support of deporting the criminal element crawling through the illegal community.

What’s the big demographic?

Hispanics, African-Americans, and even Muslims came out in record numbers to vote for Donald Trump and his tough stance on immigration and terrorism,” The Political Insider reported.

But wait a minute; that’s not all.

“Hispanic-Americans are in support of President Trump’s immigration proposals,” The Political Insider reported as well.

A recent survey reported by the Political Insider, citing the Washington Free Beacon, found fully 48 percent of Hispanic voters support the stripping of federal funding for sanctuary cities.

And another 56 percent of the same Hispanic population also sees the “catch and release” program so popular under the previous Barack Obama administration as worthless and in need of dropping.

This is significant because:

1) the media won’t report this,

2) the Trump administration needs to know it has the full backing of all types of U.S. populations, even Hispanics, and

3) the media won’t report this and will go out of its way to actively lie about it.

The media doesn’t care about the horrid truth or the facts surrounding sanctuary cities; they care about everything but and have proven that, at the end of the day, they cannot be trusted.

So just remember, the next time CNN tells you Trump is a racist, or the next time ABC tries to sell the idea the White House is targeting Muslims and Hispanics and is discriminatory against Mexico, think Family Feud.

You know, the game show, Family Feud?

Survey Says! Hispanics support Trump’s deportation and sanctuary city policies, too.

…aaaand the liberal audience is aghast.

Source: The Political Insider, Washington Free Beacon

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