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President Trump Proves His RESPECT For U.S. Soldiers…Does Something Obama NEVER Did!

Soldiers want to be appreciated for all they do.

They want their job to be bluntly explained, the objective clear and attainable, the equipment working and accessible, and above all else, the leadership supportive, smart, and serious.

Disgusting assaults on our brave soldiers can’t be tolerated and frankly, Barack Obama spent eight years looking the other way. That, in and of itself, is unforgivable.

Members of the military look to their leadership as a way of putting value in what they are doing. Their role in the United States Government is one of servant, first and foremost, to the People of the nation.

The term, “GI”, has stood for “Government Issue” for a long time and this has imprinted upon the soldier a core comprehension that they are property of the United States military.

Donald Trump, our newest Commander-in-Chief, seems absolutely clear on the impact that he will have on these soldiers. Remember when he personally visited the Navy SEAL injured in the line of duty?

We’ll, here’s more, from the Independent Journal Review (IJR):

“On Monday, President Donald Trump stopped to have lunch and chat with enlisted U.S. military personnel in Florida.

Trump kept the conversation light, asking service members what they thought of the Super Bowl and cracking jokes, but many of his supporters were likely thrilled just to see the commander-in-chief sitting down with the troops.

At one point, Trump asked a service member if he planned to ‘make a career’ out of his military service.

‘Still deciding right now, sir,’ the soldier responded.

Come on, you have to stay. You’ll like it better with me there. You’ll see,’ Trump responded.”

This is exactly what a soldier wants to hear.

It doesn’t matter if it comes from a Republican or a Democrat, the fact that your Commander-in-Chief is speaking directly to you and telling you that he respects you and will be there for your needs…honestly, that’s what matters.

An address from a podium with high-minded virtuous sound bites is all fine and good, I guess, but if a leader wants to impress upon his troops a sense of sacrifice on their behalf, it has to be done in person, at their table, so to say.

But we need someone who understands our military, who vows to protect them, who wants to fix what the Obama administration ruined.

Trump is a master of understanding our soldiery.

“’I want every military family to know that our administration is at your service. We stand with you 100 percent. We will never, ever let you down.’

President Trump went on to say that his “highest duty” is to protect the men and women serving in the military.”

I am proud to have served my country, but even prouder knowing that I voted for this man.

Source: Independent Journal Review (IJR)

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