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Trump Saves America A Whopping $100 Billion – You Won’t Believe How He Did It

President Trump is very different from career politicians in many ways, but one of the most important is one that is often overlooked:

Trump led companies and organizations that ultimately had to turn a profit. This has staggering implications, and perhaps the most significant is his approach to expenses and debt.

As a businessman, he couldn’t just let expenses go wild and pile up infinite amounts of debt. Certainly, he made some poor decisions, and took on obligations at times that turned out to be unwise.

But there are immediate and far-reaching consequences for these actions in the business sphere.

On the other hand, Washington politicians are under no such constraints regarding spending or fiscal responsibility, much to America’s great chagrin.

So, given the world from which he came, it’s no surprise that the national debt has declined under President Trump’s leadership…something you won’t see reported in the New York Times.

The Conservative Tree House points out that, “[w]hen President Trump took office January 20th the total national debt was $19,947,304,555,212, or nearly $20 trillion.

While there are fluctuating cycles of increase and decrease the debt reached a high of $19,959,593,604,841 on February 28, 2017, stalled, and since March 14th 2017 continually dropped.


Total U.S. National Debt has now decreased by over $100 billion.  *Note: That’s five times more than is needed to build the Southern Security and Border Wall.

And yes, this decrease is real and represents a long term reversal.”

The comparison between Presidents Trump and Obama is striking.

One has been a successful businessman whose enterprises ultimately had to turn profits meaning fiscal control was essential.

The other was a community organizer and politician who was under no such constraints. One is reducing the national debt. The other increased that debt by the largest amount in history.

And one man actually created real jobs for real people, meaning real wealth, as opposed to just redistributing it to buy votes as was the case with his predecessor.

This might be the biggest no-brainer in American political history but shh, don’t tell liberals. They’re so clueless, they keep reelecting Nancy Pelosi and that’s all you need to know about Democrats.

Source: Political Insider

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