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Help President Trump: How Would YOU Solve The Illegal Immigration Problem?

Everyone has an opinion, right?

We recently learned that there are still nearly a million illegal immigrants floating around America, and God only knows what will happen if that number increases. We’ve already seen some seriously nasty results.

Of course, President Donald Trump has sworn to deal with this problem, and that’s a GOOD thing.

ICE is ramping up big time and most Americans will agree that yes, we need to take some very big strides. Battling illegal immigration isn’t going to be easy and drastic measures may be required…

And while Trump seems to know what he’s doing, this is a democracy, after all. And even with all his advisers, this particular issue remains highly complex and the average American might have some good ideas.

So stand up and be heard! Comment below, tell President Trump what you think, offer up a few grains of wisdom; it’s the American way! 🙂

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