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Do You Trust President Trump More Than The Mainstream Media?

We all know we can no longer trust mainstream news sources, right?

The evidence has been piling up and we just can’t ignore it anymore.

CNN, the king of fake news, is just a waste of space. They’ve become the laughingstock of the news world and considering the competition, that’s no mean feat.

I mean, there’s a reason they rank dead last in terms of trust; the American people have seen through their blatant liberal slant and are now questioning every word a CNN anchor utters.

And rightly so.

The number of lies the mainstream media spreads on a weekly basis is spiraling out of control and at this point, one has to wonder: Shouldn’t we trust the President of the United States before we trust skewed reports?

Well, one recently conducted poll certainly gives us a big resounding YES. As pointed out at HotAir, the poll proves that most Americans would rather take the word of Trump than any mainstream media outlet.

So now it’s our turn: Do you feel the same way? Vote now!

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