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President Trump Drops COLOSSAL Truth Bomb On Crybaby Schumer…This Is EPIC!

Aww…has oo got de sniffoos?

Remember when President Obama in January of 2016 offered up some salty crocodile tears during his press conference on gun control and the failure of Republicans to give him what he wanted on this point?

Well, how’s about the REAL tears First Lady Melania Trump shed after that touching performance on Inauguration Day?

Tears aren’t supposed to be partisan, after all.

Let’s not forget, either, the many, many times Republican House Speaker John Boehner shed tears, too, crying so frequently in public he earned himself the nickname, in one widely watched YouTube video, “Baby Boehner.”

Well, now the tears are back in the Democratic camp, this time, coming from the eyes of noted New Yorker, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer. Over what?

At a recent press conference discussing the after-effects of President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, Schumer decried the fact that those from seven different terror hotspots around the nation would now, and for the next 90 days, be prevented from entering U.S. borders.

And while decrying such, he wiped some tears from red-rimmed eyes.

Boo. Hoo.

As Trump noted on a scathing Twitter post of the fiasco: Learn your history, Chuck (via Conservative Tribune):

Yes, why not, senator, learn a little bit about the ways and means of terrorism and how terrorists use public relations and sneaky messaging, not to mention open borders, to weasel into cultures and countries and then plant cells and ultimately, bombs?

Trump is simply trying to protect America from suffering such sad fates. As Trump said in his stirring weekly address, he is working FOR the American people.

How can a politician, even a left-leaning politico like Schumer, find such offense in protecting citizens of America from terrorists and would-be jihadists? Here’s a note to liberals, and others like Schumer who would cry for the refugees who are banned from America for the next 90 days:

Take Trump’s advice and study how many Islamic followers have committed acts of terror around the world in recent years.

The facts that arise, including the numbers of those injured and killed by these Islamic-tied terror attacks, might actually cause real, not politicized, tears to spring to eyes.

Source: Conservative Tribune, Donald Trump Twitter

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