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Breaking: President Trump Scores GARGANTUAN Victory…Liberals Retreating In Defeat!

Here’s a guide to the mainstream media:

First, they lie. Frequently. Spreading fake news isn’t merely an accident most times; it’s planned propaganda from the world of news, where they teach you in Journalism 101 that it’s a cardinal sin to have an opinion.

Most mainstream news sources tell you what you SHOULD think, which has always been wrong.

Further, they will portray any and all Democrat actions as generous, sensible and courageous while on the flip side, any and all Republican actions are disingenuous, despicable and deplorable.

Now, it appears that Trump’s election has caused the press to hit the turbo button as they flail in apoplectic seizures to show how horrible this three-week-old presidency is for the country.

In its rush to stumble into the presses to get the story out first, Reuters has once again proven how much it despises the Republicans and their quest to actually get something done.

Representative Bill Pascrell, a Ways and Means Committee Democrat, has penned a letter to the Committee Chairman, Kevin Brady, asking him to allow the organization to begin a review of Donald Trump’s tax returns so that they may “provide the public with a better understanding of just how many conflicts of interest the Trump empire has around the globe.”


“Defying decades of precedent, Trump has refused to release his tax documents, which Democrats say could show whether his business empire poses any conflicts of interest as he moves forward on issues ranging from tax reform to foreign relations.

‘If Congress begins to use its powers to rummage around in the tax returns of the president, what prevents Congress from doing the same to average Americans?’ House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady told reporters.

“Possible” business ties? What about ACTUAL business ties?

So, the Democrats basically want to open an investigation into Trump’s personal tax returns in order to poke around and maybe…possibly…find some sort of conflict of interest?

But thankfully, the bottom line is this:

A congressional tax oversight committee will not seek U.S. President Donald Trump’s tax returns despite calls from Democrats for a review to determine possible business ties to foreign countries including Russia, the panel’s Republican chairman said on Monday.

Well, too bad, Democrats.

Also, take note that the Reuters reporter is talking about decades of “precedent” being DEFIED! You gotta love this kind of reporting.

First of all, precedent? Really? We’re talking about a bunch of career politicians in the past who have lived and died by their tax returns, knowing full well that running for political office will draw scrutiny of their returns; therefore, they are extremely careful about how they file and what they file. They are completely sanitized before the returns ever hit the press.

Trump is not and never has been (before now) a politician. Hillary Clinton is nothing BUT a politician, which is why the FBI investigation into her email scandal WAS essential.

Trump’s tax returns are not polished to a high sheen for the purposes of “appearing” to be as pure as the driven snow. He has had no reason to sanitize his returns because they were never made public before. Therefore, his returns are truthful. The argument is ludicrous.

This is a flat-out political witch-hunt and the Democrats are acting like Cotton Mather on steroids.

It is time for the Republicans to clamp down on this carnival sideshow on stage Left and get to work for the Americans who voted them into office.

Source: Reuters

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