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Eruption: President Trump Goes To WAR, Drops WICKED Threat…Liberals Are Raging!

The University of California at Berkeley was just in utter chaos, in case you hadn’t heard.

And after the FBI launched an investigation into what the Berkeley Mayor did (or rather, DIDN’T do), President Donald Trump has made his play.

See, this breeding ground of liberals, known to foster radical left-leaning minds the nation over, apparently became so upset at one of the scheduled speakers that students couldn’t contain themselves.

They just had to burn the campus. Yep, just more insane, treasonous, anti-America rebellion from the “peace-loving” crowd.

By the way, the speaker that caused this mess was none other than Milo Yiannopoulos, a news editor with Breitbart, one of the news sites the left loves to hate.

But students were upset at his politics and the fact that Breitbart’s now directly tied to the White House, because former Breitbart executive Stephen Bannon serves as a special adviser to President Donald Trump.

So rather than stay home from the speech – lame-o – the students decided to smash windows, toss smoke bombs at the student union facility and set things on fire, which resulted in over $100,000 worth of damage.

But Trump, like the rest with regular brains in America, didn’t appreciate the mayhem. And the president sent out this tweet, responding harshly to what transpired.

His tweet, as noted by Breitbart:

That’s a great idea.

The Berkeley campus receives about $350 million for research, while the whole University of California system receives more than $2 billion each year.

Cut the money, and suddenly, campus administrators would probably find a way real quick to control the crowds.

You know what was noticeably absent from the scene of these videotaped violent protests? Security officials. That means these students were allowed to carry on their anti-First Amendment brattish displays absent any accountability.

Curious, a school the liberals love so much and that has such a supposed high regard for tolerance, diversity and freedom of speech couldn’t find it within its student body to give any other welcome to a speaker – even a speaker with a different viewpoint – than one with fire and bombs.

Well, good job, students. Mission accomplished. Yiannopoulos left, without speaking. In the minds of liberals, that’s a win.

Though, California should probably pay attention, because Donald Trump isn’t afraid to go after those precious sanctuary cities

Source: Breitbart, Donald Trump Twitter

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