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Pro-America Teacher Makes Pro-Trump Facebook Post, And THIS Is What Happens

Well, the First Amendment is alive and well, as anybody can see, right?


If you go against the liberal establishment, prepare to reap the despicable whirlwind, because the leftists will absolutely DESTROY you. And they will try to force everyone else to agree that you should be destroyed.

Technically, the first amendment means that your boss can’t fire you for speaking your mind, or sharing your views. And remember that schools are taxpayer-funded, government positions, so…

Oh but wait. There’s been an addendum in recent years…

The First Amendment actually reads as follows now: The government cannot make any laws abridging freedom of speech, unless said speech is rooted in Republican or conservative principles.

We’re already seeing some really frightening examples of Islamic agendas taking root in our schools, and now we’re finding that anyone who supports President Donald Trump might be in danger as well.

One now-terrified teacher made the mistake of posting a Facebook message in support of President Donald Trump…and the ensuing eruption is just insane:

“A Florida elementary teacher at a predominantly Latino school … Veronica Fleming, had her classroom taken away after she made a status that said she was ‘glad about massive deportation’ and there would be ‘less mouths to feed,'” The Daily Mail reported.

Yeah. Big oops.

Fully 96 percent of the students at this school hail from minority families – 70 percent Hispanic, 20 percent Haitian. You think that had something to do with the school’s decision?

It didn’t take long for parents to find the post and start calling the principal. And it didn’t take long after that for the principal to call the teacher into the office and announce the suspension.

And after that, it didn’t take long for the deputy superintendent to get into the act and affirm, yes indeed, the suspension stands.

First Amendment, anyone…? Yeah, we already know liberals are against free speech; the only “speech” allowed is the speech THEY sign off on.

Further, let’s note the Founding Fathers’ main reason for wanting freedom of speech:

To protect political speech, particularly political speech found by many to be offensive. We’re not talking about agendas, we’re talking about equality…which is, of course, an alien term to any liberal.

Source: The Daily Mail

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