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Crazed Professor Goes On Brutal Anti-Trump Rampage, Then IMMEDIATELY Regrets It

Let’s be honest, those professors of yesteryear were damned intimidating.

I mean, who can argue that on Gilligan’s Island, the Professor wasn’t the smartest guy on the block?

Nowadays, the only smart professor is the one who stays FAR away from the Leftist viral infection known as “the university.” These crazies are actually teaching our kids.

They say disgusting things about brave members of our military and direct some seriously vile attacks at the President of the United States. But because they’re THE most entitled humans alive, they get away with it.

Then they take to the streets and have meltdowns:

Recently, another moron posing as a certified instructor of young minds decided to take his Democrat cohorts to the next level of insanity by…wait for it…calling for the murder of President Donald Trump!

Louder With Crowder:

“A history professor at California State University, Fresno, appears to have advocated for the death of President Trump on Twitter … and [said] the only ‘cure’ for racist people is a bullet to their head.

The account is not verified, although the bio and interactions between the user and other Twitter users indicate it belongs to the professor.

And this call to arms wasn’t this mental giant’s only felonious offense. He went on with many more Tweets that, one hopes, caught the eyes of law enforcement in D.C.

Quick note, Mr. “Professor,” if that is in fact your real name: there shouldn’t be a comma in between “assassin” and “yet”. And, yes, you can be ASSURED that this monument has already been designed by multitudes of Leftists. No need to solicit money, though. The HOGS Funding Corporation (Hillary, Obama, and George Soros) is already hot on the case!

Note: Ethnic cleansing regards the murder and extinction of a race or ethnicity from a specified region. Removing ILLEGAL ALIENS from one country and sending them to their home countries is NOT ethnic cleansing. It’s called DEPORTATION.

Note: Mercy towards racists is both courageous and righteous. Racism in and of itself is not deadly (although the results of that behavior may be). As for 1865, when President Lincoln was assassinated, he was a Republican, shot in the back of the head by a coward Liberal actor (by the way, on behalf of all Democrats)!

The year 1965 was no different when millions of REPUBLICANS and CHRISTIANS marched with Blacks in defiance of Democrats and their threats.

If not for the Republicans, Blacks would neither vote, nor be integrated into all society. Bravo for not knowing that, Mr. Professor!

And for the record, Lars Maischak, the “professor,” is the idiot responsible for all these Tweets. For my part, I have decided that this guy is WAY too dumb with whom to match wits.

Therefore, I believe a simple solution will be to just call him what he really is: Racist Democrat with Fascistic Tendencies.

But please look at the responses to these sick posts. By clicking the links above, you can scroll down to read some of the comments, and it seems true Americans everywhere are BLASTING this guy.

Rightfully so.

By the way, we know all about the not-so-secret plot to stop President Trump, organized by teachers in our institutions of “higher learning.” Again, these are the people who are instructing our children.

…anyone else terrified?

Source: Louder With Crowder

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