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Professor Goes On Terrifying Rampage, Trump Voter Abused And Humiliated! Unbelievable!

Tolerant? Peace-loving? No, try NASTY.

Cyber bullying is a crime (or at least it’s looked at that way by the Left). When anyone begins badgering someone else over their political beliefs, it’s normally settled by a website administrator or through merely blocking that person’s comments.

In the case of Asra Q. Nomani, a former Georgetown journalism professor and Wall Street Journal reporter, it appears that this method of shutting down a cyber-stalker didn’t work.

From The Daily Caller:

“[Nomani] wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post Nov. 10 explaining why she, as a Muslim woman and ‘long-time liberal,’ voted for Trump. ‘I support the Democratic Party’s position on abortion, same-sex marriage and climate change,’ Nomani wrote. ‘But I am a single mother who can’t afford health insurance under Obamacare.'”

This editorial was apparently too appallingly terrible to stomach for Nomani’s Georgetown colleague, C. Christine Fair, a Peace & Security Studies professor. Fair went on a month-long warpath over Nomani exercising her right to vote.

“[Fair] called her a ‘wretch,’ ‘clueless dolt’ and a ‘fame-monger.’

Fair also compared Trump to Adolf Hitler and asserted that Nomani’s vote for Trump ‘helped normalize Nazis in DC.’ She didn’t clarify if she was referring to Trump supporters or actual Nazis marching the streets.”

The taunts continued and intensified, culminating in an expletive-ridden, rambling post on social media where she called Nomani an atheist.

This did not sit well with the Muslim woman who then wrote a letter to Georgetown University to put an end to the situation. Needless to say, the response by the powers-that-be at the college were lukewarm and the supposed resolution milquetoast.

If you believe that Liberals are tolerant, caring individuals, it is time for the truth. Fair is an outright bigot and bully, no two ways about it, and it’s not the last we’ll hear about this woman and her hatred for those who disagree with her.

These liberals need to be SHUT DOWN.

Source: The Daily Caller

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