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EXPOSED – ‘Progressive’ Liberals Have RUINED Our Children…And It’s MUCH Worse Than You Think!

People often ask me why I homeschool my five wonderful children.

Homeschooling children is not easy. It isn’t always a pleasurable experience. It is not always good for your blood pressure.

However, it is good for your children.

Statistics always support the claims that homeschooled children are much more engaged in the subject matter. They are also much better equipped for the realities of the world around them.

It is a proven fact that colleges and universities seek out homeschooled children in an effort to entice them to attend.

I am a product of the public school system and I am not a fan. I was passed through grade after grade with the hope that I would one day blossom into a decent, law-abiding, and contributing citizen.

Even though I was neglected by the very school system that considered my mother an imbecile because she didn’t have a high school diploma, I graduated nonetheless, through lackluster performance, with a minimum understanding of how very inferior my education had really been.

When asked about my children’s education, I am invariably greeted with one of three different, distinguishable looks:

Reaction #1: A look of curiosity and genuine enthusiasm for the subject
Reaction #2: A rolling of the eyes and a comment usually along the lines of “God bless you!”
Reaction #3: An ever-so-slight squinting of the eyes, which then proceeds to a prosecutorial-attorney-like grilling of you to determine your “true motives” for homeschooling

The first Reaction is one I really enjoy because there is so much to talk about on the subject of homeschooling. More often than not, people have no clue that all States guarantee in their individual constitutions the right for parents to have the final say on how their children are educated.

Whether or not every parent SHOULD homeschool is a different subject altogether.

The second Reaction is usually from those who have grown up believing the Department of Education lie about homeschooled kids having severe social issues and being unable to interact with “normal” children.

That fallacy, of course, was propagated by the very DOE that struggles with its own students’ social issues, bullying, and suicide rates. More on that in a bit.

The third Reaction is always from those individuals who have either come from a long line of teachers, are government/union workers, or simply Progressives/Liberals who really don’t know what homeschooling is, or why a growing number of parents are choosing that path for their children.

Having traveled along the rough path of the public education system from start to finish, I was one of those problem children: lots of smarts, zero motivation.

I know there are a lot of parents out there who take the stand that smart kids are bored by the lack of stimulating subject matter in the schools, that the teachers are not challenging them enough, and that’s why their children are failing.

I wasn’t in that category. I just didn’t like school. I hated the cliques, the bullies, the teachers’ derision, the principal’s indifference, and the insistence that I belong to a certain group or club in order to succeed.

I was writing a novel early on in high school. Believe it or not, I wrote volumes of pages during my study hall time. In fact, every free moment of school (when I wasn’t writing silly letters to my friends) I was producing chapters for this novel.

Do you think that a single teacher or school staff member ever noticed?

My best subject was English and my worst, Math.

I HATED math with a capital H. In my third year, I was mistakenly placed in Algebra I, when I was supposed to be in Basic Math. I excelled! I was enthused and engaged; it was amazing! Then, one day, my assistant principal showed up in the class to pull me out and informed me that it was all just a big mistake.

I was put back into Basic Math where I languished for another year. (Incidentally, I figured out that the letters in Algebra were probably why I did so well. For some reason, you stick an X, Y, or a Z in any math equation and suddenly I was a genius! So much for that.)

Not a single question was ever asked about my miraculous breakthrough in mathematics.

During my entire school experience, I was always getting into fights. For some reason, bullies were attracted to me like Liberals to protests and riots. I tried to talk my way out of WAY too many fights, only to find myself atop any particular bully-of-the-week, punching his teeth out.

Granted, many of those fights were stopped by teachers, but not a single one was ever prevented. Every time a teacher’s back was turned to the class, or they were distracted by their myriad duties, I (and many other bullied classmates) received a pencil to the back of the head, or a punch in the arm.

Yes, life was great in the public schools!

I also noticed there were certain students who were given A LOT of extra attention. These were usually the students whose parents were well-connected. By that, I mean that they were committee leaders with the PTA, they were usually well-off, and they were involved with or were friends with government workers union members.

These students were the cream of the crop. They were always the Honor Society members on the Honors Roll. They were always the head cheerleaders, or the football jocks, the math geniuses, the social leaders, the creative writing magazine editors, or the teacher’s pet.

In other words, they were the most popular people in the school and had oodles of assistance from teachers, guidance counselors, and extraneous staff. They were the ones who would always sell the most boosters, cookies, or candy, and talked about how the mayor ate dinner over at their house the night before. They were college-tested and Ivy League-ready!

The rest of us were the poor, everyday slobs who didn’t have any of those things. In the matter of support networks, we had one lonely (and overworked) guidance counselor who tried their best to work with what they had.

For the Department of Education, the story of their record of achievement is disgraceful. When President Jimmy Carter instituted the DOE in the 1970s, the stated purpose was to streamline education in the entire country, fully aware at the time that education standards by the individual States were far and away superior to what they are now.

What did the initiation of a brand new Department of Education buy American students? A dramatic drop in math and reading scores over the last four decades. That’s what our taxpayer money bought for this increase of nearly ten thousand more government workers.

As Barack Obama did during his first term when he signed the Stimulus Bill into existence as a payback to the Unions who worked so laboriously to get him elected, so too did Carter create the Department of Education.

Now that the DOE is part of the overall bloated Federal government system and is so well embedded into the skin of our country, attempting to disengage this tremendous parasite is like trying to combat the multitude of homeschooling misconceptions.

With so much of what the public school system is lacking, where do they get off telling me that I am not of adequate intelligence to properly teach my children or prepare them for the real world?

Public school success is a ruse. The entire system itself was set up to indoctrinate its students with the types of Progressive ideas that have been proven to be sending our country over the edge of the abyss.

Just yesterday, on a trip to the local public library, I happened upon a VERY disturbing book that was meant for young readers in elementary school. The book is entitled, “A is for Activist” by Innosanto Nagara, the cover of which features a young child’s fist raised in what appears to be a “Black Power” gesture.

If you remember not too long ago, Twitter was placing three similar raised fists of defiance next to the words, Black Lives Matter, so that each time you typed those words, the symbol would appear.

The book, which is chock full of revolutionary type imagery, is specifically meant to agitate children who don’t know anything about the world at large into protest and anger and defiance. The book is actually published by a group called “Radical Parenting.”

Here is an example of the books “Progressive rhyming”:

A = Activist

B = Banner

C = Corporate Vultures

D = Demands

E = Environmental Justice

F = Feminist

G = Grassroots

H = Healthy Foods (no argument here)

I = Indigenous, Immigrant (except White Europeans)

J = Justice

K = Kings & Knights (loosely referencing class warfare)

L = LGBTQ (not joking)

M = Megaphones (can you say, Al Sharpton?)

N = No Justice, No Peace (ode to Baltimore)

O = Organize

P = Protest

Q = Question

R = Radical

S = Silly Selfish Scoundrels Sucking on dinosaur Sludge (again, not joking)

T = Trans (when the “T” in LBGTQ is not enough)

U = Union Yes

V = Vox (an ultra-Leftist fake news website designed to “explain” the news)

W = Wondrous World of Diversity (except Whites)

X = Malcolm X

Y = Youth

Z = Zapatista (a revolutionary Mexican Leftist militant group responsible for thousands of murders)

This is the crap that is being poured into a child’s head in the public schools. Like it or not, your children are being brainwashed with this Liberal-Progressive excrement for the express purpose of turning these innocent little children into the future Zapatistas.

This is not new information, obviously. But what is new to the school system is the furious pace at which this information is being shoved into the curriculum. Liberals are fearful right now. Their entire facade of freedom-loving, tolerant lifestyle is crumbling around them because the truth is peeling away the layers of the onion to reveal the rotten inner core.

No one can deny that they are in a frenzy right now. Watching the protests at the universities and colleges around the country in regards to Conservative lectures and speeches is unprecedented. There are college professors who are in on the bullying and violence in an effort to shut down free speech.

The Fascist thrust of this “Fahrenheit 451” mentality on the part of the Progressive movement is frightening.

As parents, we must protect our children from this march toward autonomy. I don’t want my child spouting off the trained-monkey words of a Liberal robot just because my child doesn’t know any better. There is a good reason why the school system has been pushing parents to enroll their children younger and younger (pre-Preschool).

The sooner they have the children in their clutches, the more possessed of these dangerous Nazi-like ideologies they are.

Public schools are designed specifically to kill individual thought and spirit. The subject matter is sliced up into so many separate “specialized” branches that a child can never truly become familiar with the overall working aspects of the core subject.

For instance, if we take Math and divide it up into Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Geometry, Logic, Physics, Combinatorics, etc., we deny the child a proper base for getting through life in a normal capacity.

By slicing up our subjects, we cause the child to become disinterested. Those who go on to delve into the specifics and do well are those that the system wishes to advance. Those others in the great portion of the student body who experience the dizzying heights of confusion end up being abandoned by the same system and passed through into mediocrity.

The bell between subjects is similar. It is designed to immediately and succinctly halt all further thought into the subject matter and force the child into thinking about the NEXT subject.

The bell rings, the child jumps up, collects his books, and hurries off to the next class, not spending another moment on the subject just studied. Remember how the teacher used to chide you for “going ahead of the class?”

That is the ultimate goal of the public school system. It is designed to “hold back” your child in objective personality development and train them to think only in a certain Progressive format in order to cull the herd of those undesirables who will be pushed into a life of settling.

There is a reason for everything in Progressive thought and methodology. Don’t think for a moment that you aren’t part of that equation. These children are being told that you are stupid and need to be educated.

The children arrive home to tell you that you are wrong about your Conservative Christian values; that you are a Dark Age holdover and you need to become enlightened to the modern age.

My children are homeschooled because I fear that they will become just like every other child that graces the school yards of America. I don’t fault any parent for sending their kids to school. And I’m not saying that EVERY single school is like this.

However, the evidence is overwhelming that a broad spectrum of our school system is tainted with Progressivism.

Whenever I speak about homeschooling, lots of parents I talk to are defensive and angry because they think that I am judging them for the children’s failures in the schools. The truth is that parents are not the problem (because that is precisely what the school administrators will tell you). The problem is with the schools and the Department of Education.

I know some parents don’t have the ability, the luxury, or the facilities to homeschool. And trust me when I say that some parents don’t have the courage to do it. These school administrators and government workers are scary when it comes to you, as a parent, removing a child (their gravy train) from the school system.

Each time you take away a child from the school, it is another nail in the coffin of their revenue and that is a call to arms for these government workers. They absolutely detest homeschooling parents and will use the most underhanded methods of forcing their children back into the school system by any means possible.

An example of this is when the school system is alerted to the fact that you’re homeschooling, they will tell you in the sweetest tone that the “gym and science facilities” are yours to use if you so choose for your homeschooled children.

The moment you use their “facilities,” they slap you with a court order to put the children back in school because you can’t provide the necessary facilities at home. (Yes, they really do). Unfortunately, many homeschooling parents fall for that trap.

There is also the old tried-and-true CPS call that inevitably arrives at your doorstep with a member of the police force. Regardless of whether or not you even know anyone in the neighborhood (as happens all the time with homeschooling families) Child Protective Services will arrive with threatening letters of complaint against you, demanding to see your home.

They will take pictures, write reports, and then as if by magic, IF YOU ENROLL YOUR CHILDREN IN PUBLIC SCHOOL, ALL THOSE CPS COMPLAINTS DISAPPEAR INTO THIN AIR!

How about that kind of governmental mysticism?

All this bullying by the government does not change the minds of homeschooling parents. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to appear before a “school committee” to explain why I want to homeschool my children, only to be grilled: “Do you understand the implications of a ‘good’ education on your children?” (Yes, they really ask that question, too.)

The bottom line is that homeschooling is an alternative to shuttling your children off to a person who has between 15 and 30 students at a time and is expected to teach them effectively. If you’ve ever tried keeping the attention of a 5-year-old for more than three minutes, then you realize the absurdity of the public school endeavor.

My children receive individual attention 90% of the time. In addition to that, they never stop attending school. Day and night, seven days a week, all year long, on vacation and on holiday. If we go to the beach, there are thousands of learning opportunities.

If we go hiking, again, opportunities. When a child leaves a classroom, they depart learning. They then embark on real world lessons.

My children are always in their real world lessons. If you are a parent, you should consider homeschooling when it is at all possible.

It may be an inconvenience for you now, but just talk to the parents of homeschooled children, as well as to the children themselves.

Chances are, the children will be grown up, and you’ll be speaking with well-adjusted, law-abiding, and successful members of society with homeschooled families of their own.

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