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LEAKED: Protester Who Attacked Betsy DeVos Revealed…You Won’t BELIEVE What He Is!

Well, of course.

This makes perfect sense – all the sense in the world, actually.

It makes just as much sense as learning that one of the Women’s March leaders had family ties to a terrorist organization. Nobody should’ve been shocked about that, either.

Liberals don’t do common sense, of course, nor do they deal with logic or facts or numbers or…anything that has to do with the brain, evidently.

HOW much money have illegal immigrants essentially stolen from America’s till over the years? Yes, as we revealed earlier, that number is in the freakin’ BILLIONS.

Now, more immigrant news to report:

Last week, there were media reports about all these protesters coming out to say heck no, we won’t go, unless Betsy DeVos goes, too. DeVos, at the time, was still President Donald Trump’s pick for Education Secretary.

At one particular protest things got pretty nasty and DeVos and her staff were physically assaulted.

Now, here’s the ‘well, of course’ moment mentioned in the opener:

“One of the individuals involved in the physical altercation with DeVos and her staff was a man named Bilal Ahmed Askaryar, who was arrested for assault for attacking police. In the video, the man can clearly be seen waving a Black Lives Matter sign, the far-left radical organization,” The Political Insider reported.

Of course the guy’s a Black Lives Matter lover. The physical assault and nonsensical screaming gave it away. But wait; there’s more.

The guy actually turns out to be a refugee.

As the Political Insider noted, he’s from Afghanistan. And his family and he were all granted asylum back in 2000, ostensibly fleeing the terror hands of the Taliban.

Well, he’s assimilated well, wouldn’t you say?

Got right in good with a fine, upstanding group of citizens, the Black Lives Matter crowd, and managed to find work as a street activist.

But this is the vision the Democrats and left have for America:

Bring in these refugees, “assimilate” them to the Democratic Party’s way, then pay ’em to protest. Heck, they probably get bonuses for getting physical.

Oh, and let’s not forget DeVos has since been confirmed to the Cabinet spot. It was awesome watching Mike Pence cast that deciding and historic vote because we need people like DeVos to help our woefully flagging education system.

And the refugees?

Oh, don’t worry. Trump and Co. will do their job and GET RID OF THEM.

Source: The Political Insider

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