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ILLEGAL Protesters Try To Stop This TRUE American From Getting To Work, So He Takes His Truck And…

Too often these days, when you hear the word “protest,” you automatically think mayhem, destruction, arson, bricks, Molotov cocktails, burning flags, people wearing black ski masks, and gibbering about the one-percenters.

The peaceful protests of the ’60s are long gone.

Remember those insane pipeline protesters who basically burned everything in sight?

Or how about the radical liberal plot to go bananas against President Donald Trump and his protesters?

Well, now there’s May Day, a protest revered by Leftists, chock full of Communists, Socialists, Progressives, Fascists and the unemployed (in other words, Democrats).

Typically, May Day goes by unnoticed by normal Americans who are busy with their lives of working, taking care of their families, donating to the homeless, supporting charities, paying their taxes, obeying the laws, etc.

So when protesters swarmed the streets in Durham, North Carolina, a man driving a diesel-powered Dodge Ram wasn’t about to be disrupted in his daily routine.

Independent Journal Review:

According to ABC11, a large group of protesters was blocking South Mangum Street in downtown Durham, right in front of the Durham County Jail, when the pickup truck approached.

The group, carrying signs and banners, tried to block the driver with their bodies, but he refused to stop, slowly driving forward and revving his engine.

One of the ‘safety marshals,’ Christine Hawn, was not pleased with the driver’s antics:

‘There were kids there and people with different mobilities that were not able to pick up and move.’

Other marshals described the moment to ABC11 as ‘scary.’

But before anyone could stop it, the truck was seen driving off into the sunset…”

This man had decided that he paid enough taxes to his own state that he should be allowed to drive unencumbered, unhindered, and unashamed along any street he so chose.

After all, HE was a law-abiding citizen.

Isn’t it illegal for a protest to block a street or roadway? And what about that law where ILLEGAL protesters hit by vehicles can’t sue the drivers? That should be a federal law.

I guess if you’re part of the growing Liberal constituency in North Carolina who are tired of paying high taxes in the northeast and moving south, you’re fully entitled to break local laws, as long as its liable to break out into violence at any given moment.

The report doesn’t mention if the protesters beat on the truck or attempted to open its doors and pull its driver from the vehicle, but I suspect that somehow that fact was overlooked.

Source:  Independent Journal Review

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