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GUILTY! Putin Exposes Hillary’s FILTHIEST Lie – The Crooked Clintons Finally CAUGHT!

Democrats are VERY interested in Trump’s ties to the Russians.

Some time ago, we obliterated that particular piece of false leftist propaganda but liberals just won’t let up.

“Trump won the election because of Russia!”

We are just SO sick of hearing it, especially when they can’t provide America with a single solitary piece of evidence.

Really, it must take everything Wolf Blitzer and Andrea Mitchell have not to burst out in frustration that no one’s found anything concrete yet.

What these hapless Party of the Jackass reporters need is for one of the Russians to come forward and say, “Hey, it was me! I met with Trump and his advisers!”

Even better would be if Medvedev or Putin came forward and yelped, “Hey, look at me! I want to tell you a story!”

Unfortunately for the Democrats, all we keep finding is more evidence that in fact, Hillary and the rest of the Crooked Clintons have been deeply involved – and invested – with the Russians for a loooong time.

And now, Vladimir Putin himself has come forward and admitted that he met with U.S. campaign advisers and officials…and they were staffers of Hillary Clinton!

Oh, snap!

Independent Journal Review:

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman led off an interview this weekend with the unsurprising revelation that the Russian ambassador also met ;with people working in think tanks advising Hillary or advising people working for Hillary,’ as reported by The Hill.

The Russians should never be taken at their word; but who, exactly, could these Kremlin officials be talking about? One possible lead is campaign manager John Podesta.

Podesta has had extensive Russian contacts. Based on WSJ investigative reporting and GAI reports:

•A major technology transfer component of the Russian reset overseen by Hillary Clinton substantially enhanced the Russian military’s technological capabilities, according to both the FBI and the U.S. Army.

•Russian government officials and American corporations participated in the technology transfer project overseen by Hillary Clinton’s State Department that funneled tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.


•A Putin-connected Russian government fund transferred $35 million to a small company with Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta on its executive board, which included senior Russian officials.

•John Podesta failed to reveal, as required by law on his federal financial disclosures, his membership on the board of this offshore company.

•Podesta also headed up a think tank which wrote favorably about the Russian reset while apparently receiving millions from Kremlin-linked Russian oligarchs via an offshore LLC.”

Sidney Blumenthal is also somewhat of a shadowy figure. If you recall, Hillary had extensive contact with him prior to, during, and after the Benghazi fiasco.

When it comes down to it, this revelation will be completely rejected by the mainstream media. They will undoubtedly claim that Trump put Putin up to this or some other ridiculous claim.

After all, it’s their ‘job’ to tell America what to think. Yeah, we’re still sick over THAT little slip on live TV.

Sources: Independent Journal Review, The Hill

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