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WATCH – Putin Destroys The Liberal Trump/Russia Conspiracy LIE In Less Than 30 Seconds!

It has been nearly 6 months since President Donald Trump took office, and while the allegations of misconduct by Russian interests persist, evidence is nowhere to be found.

No matter how many times the Trump administration shoots down that absurd notion, liberals keep harping on it.

At some point, you’d think the Left would abandon the investigation, having concluded that the lack of evidence would indicate that the alleged misconduct by Russia never happened.

But we’re not dealing with reasonable people here. We need a powerful speaker to put them in their place, right?

Well, President Putin of Russia is not one to mince words.

In a recent interview with NBC’s Megyn Kelly, he unloaded a startling revelation…and it didn’t take him long.

First, he said it was far more likely that US intelligence agencies intervened in the US election than Russia.

Via Western Journalism:

“‘There’s a theory that Kennedy’s assassination was arranged by the United States intelligence services,’ Putin told Kelly on her show, Sunday Night.

‘So if this theory is correct and that can’t be ruled out, then what could be easier, in this day and age, than using all the technical means at the disposal of the intelligence services, and using those means to organize some attacks, and then pointing the finger at Russia.'”

Putin then sought to point out that it is the US, not Russia, that interferes with other nations’ elections.

“‘I will tell you something that you probably already know.

I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but the United States, everywhere, all over the world, actively interferes with electoral campaigns of other countries,’ Putin continued.


‘Put your finger anywhere on a map of the world and everywhere you will hear complaints that American officials are interfering in internal electoral processes.'”

Could Mr. Putin be correct?

Is it possible that it’s actually American agents who are seeking to influence elections, both domestic and foreign, as opposed to Russia meddling in ours?

We know Obama detested Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel. Our former president almost certainly instructed inside operatives to hurt Netanyahu in Israel’s election.

While we would not trust Vladimir Putin to always share the definitive truth on geopolitics, in this case he may be denying Russian influence in our election because…wait for it…

It didn’t happen.

Source: Western Journalism

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