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Radical Islamist PIG Brutally Raped And Tortured His Maid…Now He Has Made 1 INSANE Demand

Muslims have a lot of nerve telling Westerners they’re misogynists.

Sharia Law is a brutally repressive device, both religiously and politically, specifically designed to keep women in their place.

The march toward Sharia Law in this country continues and Liberals somehow believe it’s a good idea to placate Islamists.

Except the snowflakes forget one very critical fact: The only people protected by Sharia Law are Muslim men, pure and simple.

And they often try to hide behind this, using Sharia Law as an excuse for committing disgusting acts…the worst part is that judges will fall for this insane rhetoric, as we’ve seen in the past.

Well, here’s hoping THIS judge, after hearing what this Sharia Law follower has to say, won’t cave to politically correct ideals.

Here’s the story: A Colorado man charged 10 years ago for holding a woman hostage as a sex slave is not sorry for what he did and is now demanding to be released from prison.

MAD World News:

When Saudi national Homaidan Al-Turki was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for his horrific sexual assault, physical abuse, and imprisonment of his Indonesian maid, the liberal media was inexcusably silent. 

Despite Al-Turki being one of the first Muslims convicted for what was no less than Islamic sex slavery, he was quickly and quietly locked away with almost no coverage of his heinous crimes. 

Over a decade later, however, Al-Turki is unabashedly speaking out about his disgusting offenses in a way that left-leaning outlets are blatantly ignoring.


Local outlet Rocky Mountain News was virtually alone in reporting that Al-Turki has demanded his release from prison, telling the judge that his egregious acts were wholly justified because they are not crimes under Sharia law and that he was just following his religion.

‘The state has criminalized these basic Muslim behaviors,’ he told the judge.  ‘Attacking traditional Muslim behaviors was the focal point of the prosecution.'”

Al-Turki went on to say he would “never apologize for crimes he didn’t commit.”

Then he went on about other tenets of the faith that are not “respected” by Western culture, but his complaints fell on deaf ears in the court (for now).

Hopefully, this horrible human being will never see the light of day again.

Sources:  MAD World News, Rocky Mountain News

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