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OH GOD – This Radical Liberal Teacher Isn’t A ‘Teacher’ At All – She’s A RECRUITER For…!

The University of California at Berkeley has been a hotbed of political agitation since the 1960s.

In fact, many of the businesses installed bulletproof glass in windows to protect against violent riots. Good thing, too, given the recent insanity.

We’ve been appalled by the recent disgustingness at the university, like the revelations that some riot organizers have some seriously disturbing connections.

And the downward spiral gets even more twisted and insidious.

Lately, the school has taken a position that is the antithesis of the freedom of expression and the open exchange of ideas. These are supposed to be the cornerstones of colleges but no more.

Tragically, this his filtered down even to the middle schools.

Hence, we should not surprised when proof has come forth that even middle school teachers seek to recruit students for violent left-wing organizations. Where? In the Berkeley Unified School District, of course.

From The Daily Caller:

The organization in question is “‘By Any Means Necessary’ (BAMN), a far-left activist group with deep ties to pro-pedophilia advocates, [and which] places a priority on youth involvement in its protests, according to the group’s stated principles.

‘Middle school teacher Yvette Felarca, a prominent BAMN organizer, repeatedly abused her position as an educator to push left-wing activist causes, the school district claimed.”

The school district apparently made some efforts to rein in this teacher, but to no avail. Why not just fire her for endangering the kids and be done with it?

Despite repeated warnings, the district says, Felarca continued to try to recruit students into her radical organization, including during work hours. Felarca frequently tried to bring students on school-sponsored trips to BAMN-related activities, which the district claimed were attempts to ‘indoctrinate’ the students, according to Berkeleyside.”

This is inexcusable, even by Berkeley’s standards.

None of this has anything to do with educating the students, but rather in preparing them for careers in organizing and participating in criminal demonstrations where violence is often the rule.

Assuming there are responsible parents in that community, the solution is to take over the school board, and demand firings until the last teacher who has derelicted his or her responsibilities has been FIRED.


Sources: The Daily Caller, Berkeleyside

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