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NIGHTMARE – Radical Liberal Terrorists Erupt, Proud Patriots BRUTALIZED In Public!

About one month ago, shocking and disgusting riots broke out at Berkeley.

The result was hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, dozens of individuals badly hurt, and to top it all off, a huge FBI investigation.

That showed the true colors of today’s liberal: They have no interest in “peace” or “tolerance.” They will DESTROY you if you don’t agree with what they’re saying; they are, in truth, the only real Nazis in existence today.

We’re seeing it every time one of these radical leftists opens his or her filthy mouth. The most horrifying things spill from their throats; this includes Black Lives Matter “leaders” calling for white genocide, for instance.

And let’s not forget the seemingly endless protests that invariably turn violent at the hands of these “open-minded, enlightened” liberals. And guess what?

It just happened again.

A pro-Trump rally at the University of California-Berkeley broke out again over the weekend and Independent Journal Review captured much of the event’s nastiness. Here’s just a sampling:

The insanity, fueled by anti-Trump hate, included the burning of a free speech sign and the pepper-spraying of an elderly man, as seen above.

Yep, there’s the typical liberal answer to those who disagree: Attack.

Like I said above, this is only the latest piece of evidence that proves radical liberals are out of CONTROL. They’ve been plotting and planning to be as violent and hurtful as humanly possible, and honestly, they just need to be jailed.

You know, my parents are children of the ’60s. They’re beyond appalled at what has been happening at Berkeley and in fact, all universities have apparently become. The days of peaceful open discourse are over, obviously, and, as my mother fittingly said yesterday:

“These people are animals.”

Yes indeed, mom. Sick, hypocritical, whiny, dangerous animals. And we’ve let them hold sway for faaaaar too long.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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