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Rapper Says Something HORRIFYING To The First Lady…Then His Fans DUMP HIS SORRY ASS!

The First Lady has had to endure a firestorm of criticism and disgusting comments.

Sex columnist and uber-liberal Dan Savage flat-out said, “I fu***** hate Melania Trump,” and that was hardly the worst of it.

Think ANYONE would’ve gotten away with saying “I fu***** hate Michelle Obama?” Yeah, no. They would’ve been LYNCHED.

Then another libtard celebrity made a crack about Melania’s accent, which leftists laughed about while true Americans were thoroughly disgusted. This is the kind of behavior we can expect from liberals.

Well, of course it’s warranted, right? After all, she isn’t a democrat and she isn’t black. Hence, anyone can say anything about her and get away with it.

…well no, not quite.

Not long after rapper Snoop Dogg staged an assassination of President Trump in a new music video, his nephew has managed to up the idiocy ante even further.

As cited by Yes I’m Right, rapper Shad Moss aka Bow Wow (formerly known as Lil’ Bow Wow) posted the following Tweet:

But see, if anybody says anything against it, they’re automatically racist. That’s how liberal hypocrisy works. THEY’RE allowed to say and do anything. YOU are not, unless you agree with them.

However, Bow Wow’s fans aren’t really buying into that. The ensuing Twitter backlash has been astounding; check it out:

Hear that? It’s the sound of a gazillion true Americans ignoring the liberal regime’s mandate that all Republicans and Conservatives are fair game.

No, you are NOT allowed to say these things about the First Lady, no matter who she is. You’re not allowed to volley all sorts of despicable insults in her direction, just because you’re an ignorant – yeah, that’s right, ignorant – leftist.

Know what, though? Don’t expect an apology from either Snoop Dogg or Bow Wow or whatever the hell moronic names they’re using now. Not only do these people NEVER apologize; they have the backing of every liberal on earth.

Pretty sick.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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