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Refugee PIGS Gang Rape A Poor Disabled Girl, Then The Judge Does The UNTHINKABLE

Pictures and videos of terrified refugees fleeing their war-torn homelands dominate the mainstream media.

Crying women and children, desperately trying to escape a nightmare.

And yes, there are many such sad examples and yes, these people should be protected and cared for.

However, what the mainstream media DOESN’T want to show you are the seemingly countless examples of refugees who do horrifying things to innocent civilians.

Remember the asylum seeker that preschool hired, only to find out 3 months later that he’d been raping the children? Can you imagine being a parent and getting that nightmare phone call…?

Or what about the wacko who slaughtered two innocents who were only trying to help him?

These people aren’t refugees or asylum seekers. They’re just animals. And now, another disgusting example, and an even more disgusting court result.

Via MAD World News, from a terrifying case in the Netherlands:

When 3 refugees spotted a mentally disabled girl, they seized the opportunity to take advantage of her special needs by kidnapping, drugging, and gang-raping for 3 days, which led to her becoming pregnant.

However, after the court heard the heinous details, the judge decided to give the rapists an unbelievably sickening gift.

“Multiculturalism” strikes again because tragically, justice was NOT served:

Having heard the stomach-churning details of the crimes, the country was shocked to find out 2 weeks ago that the judge decided to allow the refugee gang-rapists walk away with just a couple of years in prison each.

Unbelievably, the criminal court gave the 22-year-old lead child rapist to 5 years in prison and only sentenced the second rapist with ‘sexual assault,’ which resulted in him getting just 2 years in prison.


The third asylum seeker, who is 21, was ironically sentenced to deportation for 5 years, allowing him to return to the Netherlands once he is 26, according to Belgian Nieuwsblad.

And although the refugee who impregnated the victim was ordered to pay an estimated $82,000, it’s very likely the girl will never receive that money.

The other two rapists are supposed to pay her about $11,500 for “pain and suffering” but chances are, she’ll never see that, either.

The result? A poor disabled girl who had to endure a shockingly horrendous event, and these migrants are going to be walking around, free as birds, in just a few years time.

There is no excuse for this oversight. None.

Source MAD World News

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