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Reporter Gets Obliterated For Calling Trump Racist…It’s A Beautiful Beatdown! [WATCH]

It’s no secret the mainstream media has tried every which way possible to paint Donald Trump as a racist.

On the campaign trail, that mantra from the media took front and center – and now, well after his win and Electoral College rubber-stamp approval, Trump is still facing catcalls and jeers from many in the left and press over that same slander.

One of the left’s favorite games was to try and show Trump as a friend of the anti-Semite crowd, despite the fact that he continually rebelled against that label and pointed to his long-standing history of being a friend of Jewish people.

Unfortunately, just because Trump has won doesn’t mean the slanderous assaults stop.

Just look at this, from Conservative Tribune:

“In an interview with Lesley Stahl earlier in December, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended Trump, even when Stahl tried to bait him into calling Trump a racist.”

But that’s how the media works. The left just foams to take down Trump and they want everyone to loathe the new President, so Stahl’s vain attempt here comes as no big shock. He tried to bait Netanyahu with what appears to be a blatant lie:

“Mr. Trump’s support among white supremacists and anti-Semites, it’s becoming an issue.”

And Netanyahu’s reply? It’s a classic.

“Mr. Trump has denounced racial bigotry anywhere and I think that’s important. I think that’s an important message.”

You’d think that’d be enough but no, Stahl kept it up, trying to paint Trump in a corner of anti-Semitism. And that’s when Bibi blew and rightfully so…this is just awesome:

“For God’s sake, he has Jewish grandchildren. He has a Jewish daughter.”

Bam. The conversation, it should be noted, moved on from there. No matter how low the left stoop, no matter what they attempt to subvert and deny the facts, the truth is rapidly being exposed.

There’s no stopping it, libs. So maybe just get over it.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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