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VIRAL PHOTO: Restaurant Posts PERFECT Memorial Day Sign, Then It BLOWS UP Facebook

We have many opportunities to celebrate Memorial Day.

As a free nation, we also have the right to ignore the whole thing and pretend it isn’t a big deal.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with getting together with family and friends to enjoy a day off work, have a great barbecue, and look forward to the fun of the upcoming summer months.

However, that’s a very hollow and callous observance if it’s not coupled with a proper sense of gratitude for our fallen heroes.

In other words, Memorial Day without remembering those who made the supreme sacrifice is a sham.

That’s why the sign a restaurant in Kansas posted to explain why it would be closed on Memorial Day has such significance.

Via Breitbart:

“Mayberry’s, a restaurant in Washington, Kansas, posted a sign that read, ‘We have 619,300 reasons to be closed Monday!’ in reference to those who died fighting in World War I, World War II, and the Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars, KSDK reported.”

And this sign was visible to more than just those in Washington, Kansas.

“Brandon Lee, a customer at the northern Kansas establishment, posted a picture of the sign on Facebook Thursday that went viral.

As of Monday evening, the post has been shared over 157,000 times.

Kelly Ray, the restaurant’s manager and chef, told the Eagle that he wanted people to remember the sacrifices of the men and women in the armed forces as the reason for the Memorial Day holiday.

‘People talk about Memorial Day being the start of summer and that sort of thing,’ Ray said. ‘But what it’s really about is those people who died. I hope people think about them.'”


In a country where hardly any retail business closes down any more, even for Thanksgiving and Christmas, an act like this stands out in stark contrast in a society that often takes those sacrifices for granted.

In taking this action, the owner of Mayberry’s set an example for us all.

Source: Breitbart, KSDK

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