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Black Reverend Says: ‘Racism Doesn’t Exist’ And Obama Only Made Everything Worse

Making judgements on a person’s worth based on the color of his or her skin denies each person’s worth as a human being by calling on irrelevant criteria.

This lies at the bottom of racism.

The snag is that making claims of racism has been a very effective way to gain political power and enrich institutions that claim to fight this scourge.

But what if the entire racism issue has been a scam from the very beginning…?

In other words, what if it really didn’t exist, but rather was purported to exist as a vehicle for empowering certain interest groups?

What if the goal all along was not to wipe out racism, but rather to assert its existence in order to create tensions social activists could exploit? Sounds perfectly feasible, doesn’t it?

Enter a man named Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson into this debate.

Via IJR:

“Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson appeared on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on Monday when he told host Tucker Carlson that ‘racism doesn’t exist’ and that ‘black Americans got worse under Barack Obama than any other time in the history of America.’

Democrats, according to Peterson, were ‘using this phony idea of racism in order to keep the people angry and keep them divided.’

During his interview, Peterson identified African Americans’ problems as an issue of good versus evil, not racism.

‘Our problems, our issues in life is good or bad, right or wrong, good versus evil. It has nothing to do with color at all, and they know that,’ he said.”

Bold statements to say the least.

But if true, this points the way to true healing as well as the dissolution of the racism industry that thrives on keeping the black community in a state of agitation over a problem that has, at best, been misstated and misunderstood.

Peterson said he was glad when President Donald Trump got elected because of how he would treat people regardless of their race.

Former President Barack Obama, however, made things worse for black Americans.

‘Black Americans got worse under Barack Obama than any other time in the history of America.


And so, if it was a race issue, why didn’t it get better? We have a black president.

The races are more divided as a result of Barack Obama, because he used them for his own, personal gain and didn’t care about them,’ he argued.”

It’s obvious how a black man such as Rev. Peterson would inflame the anger of black leaders who thrive the segments of the black community who are convinced there is a oppressive conspiracy among whites.

If they listened to leadership such as Rev. Peterson instead of frauds such as Sharpton and Obama, who are dependent on inflaming tensions to maintain their power, our fellow black citizens might have much more prosperous and peaceful futures before them.

And everyone would be a LOT happier.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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