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Inside Source Dishes On Russia/US Election Conspiracy…The Truth Destroys Hillary!

That’s gotta sting, huh, Hillary?

It started when the Democrats accused Russia of tampering with the U.S. election. The Left accused Russia of targeting Hillary Clinton and giving Donald Trump a boost; some Dems have gone so far as to say Trump wouldn’t have won without that assistance.

Since then, things have really spiraled out of control. Now we hear talk about this “cyberwar” between the two countries in question, with Moscow continually directing attacks against the Democratic Party in the U.S.

Ah, but now an inside source, known as “Guccifer,” has thrown down the gauntlet. If you want an answer in the cyber world, you go to a cyber expert…even if he’s a confirmed criminal.

In an exclusive Fox News report, Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar weighed in from prison, and told Fox News Senior Executive Producer Pamela Browne in a series of recorded phone calls that frankly, the whole Russia/US flap is just crap.

First, he described the Obama administration’s accusations as part of a “fake cyberwar” and then added:

“‘Americans are crazy about the Russian thing and that Russians are invading the United States,’ Lazar said, suggesting the allegations are overblown because of Cold War sensitivities. ‘It’s crazy … it’s this hysteria you know?’ he said.

Lazar may be a criminal but he was the first to expose Hillary Clinton’s use of the private address, which led to the identification of Clinton’s personal account used for government business while she was secretary of State. Remember this?

So yeah, maybe he’s the right guy to talk to about this. And in interviews conducted before the Obama team expelled 35 Russian diplomats, Lazar predicted there would be “probes and indictments against some Russian people.”

All for nought, apparently.

Source: Fox News

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