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Leaked: Stunning Russian Intelligence News Slips Out, Humiliates Obama…Unbelievable!

Democrats are raging mad over the DNC hacking of emails and the charges of Russian interference into our election process.

They can’t stop blaming Russia for Hillary Clinton’s loss and they can’t stop suggesting the so-called Russian hacks helped Donald Trump with the presidential election.

But as usual, they have failed to take all facts into account…and this time, it makes the left look even more naive than usual. Which is hard to do.

New information from Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas indicates that President Obama’s ego and unwillingness to work with Republicans may have gotten in the way of justice  (if you subscribe to the theory that the Russians are indeed responsible).

A quick view of the timeline shows that Senator Cotton had approached the Administration with his apprehensions about an increasingly aggressive Putin, particularly following their illegal annexation of Crimea in order to gain access to the Black Sea.

According to the senator, his intention was to create a panel that would gather representatives from a number of intelligence agencies, including the State and Defense Departments, FBI, as well as others. The Administration rejected such a panel creation, claiming it was redundant to other panels already in place.

Repeated efforts to stress the importance of the intelligence bill were rebuffed. Fast forward to the election of Donald Trump and now, suddenly, there is a desperate plea from Obama to investigate the Russians.

Remember this?

And now, via Politico:

The dispute is part of the larger partisan blame game over Russia’s meddling in the presidential election, with Democrats accusing Republicans of going soft on Russia, even as the GOP accuses Obama of finally stirring to action only after Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election.

“Vladimir Putin is KGB. He always has been, and he always will be,” Cotton said. “President Obama seems to realize that now.”

The real shame of this matter is that there are still Establishment types out there who appear to believe that we continue to exist in 2008 and that the Democrats still own Congress.

Senators McCain and Graham have produced a letter together where they are pushing for the creation of a select committee to investigate the Russian meddling in the presidential election. Forget the fact that no evidence yet exists of such a claim, the caped crusader, John McCain, and his faithful RINO lackey, Lindsay Graham, intend to appropriate more taxpayer money to cobble together a token committee (made up, no doubt, of mavericks from both parties) as a parting gift for Obama to ensure that at least a tiny bit of his Legacy might be preserved.

To the senators from Arizona and South Carolina…

Newsflash: We won the election! Enough with spending our grandkids into irreversible debt!

Source: Politico

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