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BOOM! Sanctuary Cities Suffer HISTORIC Defeat – It’s The Beginning Of The END, Illegals!

Texas has never completely forgotten that it was once a sovereign country.

That continues to play out today with some cultural differences, and lately, differences in its approach to the law.

Texas is a solid red state with the exception of some deeply blue areas, where the dangerous sanctuary city idea holds sway.

Thankfully, though, this state is the first to sign a HUGE law that seriously hinders sanctuary cities. This comes hot on the heels of the Trump administration delivering one final ultimatum.

Illegal immigrants and liberals are pitching massive hissy fits but you know what? It’s DONE:

The governor of Texas just signed into law the nation’s strongest legislation banning sanctuary cities, and threatening local officials with arrest for failure to follow its provisions. And that’s for starters.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott took to Facebook Live to broadcast his signing of the nation’s strongest law prohibiting sanctuary cities and threatening law enforcement officials who refuse to comply with arrest and prosecution.

Via Breitbart:

“Legal immigration is different from harboring people who have committed dangerous crimes.

This law cracks down on policies like the Travis County sheriff who declared she would not detain known criminals accused of violent crimes. Those policies are sanctuary city policies and won’t be tolerated in Texas.”

These sheriffs have until September 1 to get into compliance or face criminal charges themselves.

Needless to say, these law enforcement officials who are breaking the law are NOT happy.


“Travis County Sheriff ‘Sanctuary Sally’ Hernandez expressed her displeasure with the new law.

‘I am disappointed because this is not in the best interest of public safety,’ the sheriff wrote in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas.

‘It ties the hands of our law enforcement agency and pushes victims of crime into the shadows. While I hate seeing a state law like this come to pass, I have always followed the law and that will not change.'”

No, she has not always “followed the law.”  Harboring federal fugitives is not following the law.

That said, it’s nice that she has at least claimed that she will now. Perhaps she was worried about having to share a cell with some of the women her department has put there.

We can’t believe this legislation was even necessary. Illegal is ILLEGAL. More people should be listening to that brave California sheriff, damnit…

Source: Breitbart

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