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Just In: Sanctuary Cities Crushed By BILLION-DOLLAR Wrecking Ball…It’s OVER, Liberals!

Those cities whose officials continue to defy Federal Immigration Law by providing sanctuary to illegals are diminishing the United States as a country and its government’s ability to protect its citizens.

Plain and simple.

Far too many innocent people have become victims of South American gangs that have germinated in the Democrat-run inner cities across the nation.

Leftists have put in their earplugs, refusing to hear common sense arguments or the sorrowful pleas of the surviving family members of those who are no longer with us.

But as sanctuary cities continue to defy Federal Law (and in so doing, break the law themselves), the Trump administration has to make certain threats. For instance, the complete eradication of federal funding.

How much do they stand to lose? Oh, LOTS.

Fox News:

States with cities that hold onto their ‘sanctuary’ status for illegal immigrants potentially stand to lose tens of millions of dollars in federal funds, according to a new study published Tuesday.

All told, the states hardest hit would be California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

California could lose as much as $239.5 million if its cities don’t comply.

According to the report, New York risks losing $191.1 million, followed by Illinois at $91.3 million. Pennsylvania and Maryland round out the top five with $65.2 million and $35 million, respectively.

While the latest report looks at statewide funding, a separate report published last month by Open the Books, a nonprofit that analyzes government spending, took a closer look at the cities most likely affected by Trump’s executive order.

Titled, ‘Federal Funding of America’s Sanctuary Cities,’ the report examined 106 sanctuary cities that are home to nearly 6 million of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States.

The cities received $27 billion from the federal government in fiscal year 2016.”

Yes, $27 billion. Combine that with the other downright shocking statistics, and you’ll be even more disgusted than before.

Of course, we all know the drill here, don’t we?

Regardless of whether or not LA, NYC and Philly can afford the costs without federal aid, they’ll still be whining everyday as they enlist their good and loyal comrades in the media to flash images across the screen showing all the poor, unfunded people who are now languishing under a terrible and uncaring Trump administration.

Anyone willing to take bets on how long that takes? What, a week?

Source: Fox News

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