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Sanctuary City Releases Illegal Criminal And Days Later, A Mother Mourns The Loss Of…

The whole matter of sanctuary cities has just gotten completely out of hand.

Cities opposing President Donald Trump on this topic, and refusing to cede the sanctuary status out of some misguided loyalty to illegals, are simply putting their own citizens in danger.

That’s not lofty rhetoric or paper theory. That’s a fact.

Every time our country fails to protect its citizens from criminals, it’s a tragedy. Every time it happens and that criminal is an illegal alien, it’s unforgivable.

States like Texas certainly have the right idea but other places are behind, and that lagging has now cost one U.S. citizen his life.

Here, more proof that sanctuary cities need to DIE, from Independent Journal Review:

“Roughly six months ago, Ever Valles was arrested by Denver police on charges of illegal possession of a weapon and vehicle theft. The suspect was reportedly flagged by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as an “immigration enforcement priority,” given his known gang affiliation,” Independent Journal Review reported.

“A detainer request was put on Valles, asking the city of Denver, a so-called ‘sanctuary city’ to notify them before he was released, so they could take him into custody. However, Denver released Valles December 20, and ICE claims they were not properly notified.”

Sad to say, but the story didn’t end there.


Just this month, Valles was charged with first degree murder in the death of Tim Cruz, a 32-year-old man. Another suspect, Nathan Valdez, was charged with murder as well. And both suspects were arrested for aggravated armed robbery and kidnapping, too.

Denver sheriffs say they alerted ICE to Valles’ release about 30 minutes before they let him go. ICE said it didn’t get the message until 38 minutes after Valles was gone.

Either way, the point is this:

Denver’s got blood on its hands because to this day, city officials want to remain a sanctuary city. Letting this guy go and failing to alert ICE with adequate lead time so that federal agents could respond accordingly is a complete failure of law enforcement duty.

Sanctuary cities have failed miserably, as evidenced by the disgusting statistics, and we all have to recognize this failure.

And Denver, from the sheriff’s department to the officials who insist on staying a sanctuary for illegals, ought to be both ashamed and horrified at what’s transpired here.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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