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BEATDOWN! Sarah Palin Unleashes 4 FEROCIOUS Words, Then Kathy Griffin FALLS APART!

There was once a time when using politicians’ children as targets for attacks was never an option.

And it still shouldn’t be an option, despite the depravity on vivid and disgusting display by certain liberals. These liberals think attacking children is now acceptable.

But it really, really isn’t.

Children do not decide their parents’ careers, and if a parent wishes to engage in a career in politics, the children should NEVER be targeted.

The vicious comedienne Kathy Griffin who recently posed holding a model of President Trump’s severed head has chosen to attack any conservative, using her standard vile behavior.

Now, the intense backlash has her whining – and blaming absolutely everyone but herself – and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has just one reply to this:

Via Western Journalism:

“Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, whose daughter was once a target of ridicule by Kathy Griffin, turned the tables and ridiculed Griffin’s claims of being a victim after Griffin’s publicity stunt gave the comedian more negative publicity than she could have ever imagined.

In 2011, Griffin made a New Year’s resolution that touched on the Palin family.

‘I’ve already gone for Sarah, Todd and Bristol obviously,’ Griffin said. ‘But I think it’s Willow’s year to go down. In 2011, I want to offend a new Palin.'”

Griffin hasn’t figured out that her mere presence is offensive to anyone who values decency, kindness, or social virtues. She has none of these attributes.

And because of that, Palin had some choice words for Griffin:

“‘The liberal ‘star’ had attacked my teenage daughters for so long — first Bristol then, inexplicably, giddily announced she would ‘go directly after Willow Palin’ despite Willow’s young age and innocence in doing anything to earn the wrath of this attacker,’ Palin wrote.

‘And today Kathy claims SHE is the victim! Kathy’s crocodile tears at her publicity-seeking press conference today mean nothing to mothers who’ve witnessed the ramifications her sick acts have had on precious children.

I’ll keep it civil and merely tell her after her ridiculous self-serving statements today:

‘Suck it. Up. Cupcake.’

It reminds us of what First Lady Melania Trump said about Griffin; these ladies are not going to take such a blatantly despicable assault lying down!

And we can all be thankful that we have a multitude of television channels from which to choose so we can avoid hate-mongers like Ms. Griffin.

We also have that control on our TVs that can do so much for peace and tranquility: The off switch.

Source: Western Journalism

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