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Sarah Palin’s Daughter Has Her 3rd Baby…And Its WILD Name Just BROKE The Internet


It’s always a good day when you can usher a new life into the world!

And Bristol Palin has now done it for the third time, which makes Sarah Palin a grandmother yet again.

However, as usual, it’s the name of the infant that’s raising eyebrows across the internet.

The pictures are all sorts of adorable but the unique name is what’s getting all the headlines.

Of course, it’s probably fitting. Don’t forget that Bristol is quite original, and the older children are named Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston and Sailor Grace Meyer.

So it’s hardly weird for this proud couple to name their third child…wait for it…

Atlee Bay.

Yes, the parents posted up several photos that are getting plenty of attention; the newborn babe is prominently featured in several.

Bristol Palin is a public speaker and reality TV personality, and she began her career in the public eye when her mother ran for Vice President back in 2008.

Her husband, Dakota Meyer (cool names everywhere in this family!), is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and fought in the War in Afghanistan. He even received a Medal of Honor in 2009 and has written a book.

The couple was married last summer.

If they have another child, I think they should open up a public suggestion box to see if they can get yet another wonderfully unique name.

Any ideas out there?

Source: Liftable

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