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WOAH! One GARGANTUAN Scandal Just Erupted On Live TV – Even Trump Is Stunned!

For months, all we’ve heard from the liberal-leaning mainstream media is how President Donald Trump’s approval rating is falling.

In other words, the message is plain:

They want us to believe that even his supporters are abandoning him.

It’s not any different than lying to America throughout 2016, when they kept trying to show Hillary Clinton’s dominance in the polls. Mainstream media LAUGHED at Trump’s chances.

Hence, most of America believed the election would be a laugher, too.

But the truth was always there, lurking behind the scenes; we learned later that high-powered Democrats, including Barack Obama himself, manipulated voting in a dozen different ways.

And once again, we find skewed data at the center of a scandal.

Longtime Clinton pollster and former 2008 campaign strategist Mark Penn exposed what he calls a “polling bubble,” which has given the country a “false image” of President Trump’s approval rating.

In speaking to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Penn said it was a matter of “mismeasuring public opinion”:

“‘We have to be aware of a kind of polling bubble,’ Penn said, noting that instead of just polling likely voters, for instance, pollsters now survey everyone, including even undocumented immigrants and younger Americans with lower rates of participation.”

‘These polls really don’t reflect the electorate,’ he continued.

‘When you look at the electorate, it’s pretty simple math — 94 to 96 percent of Trump voters say they’re sticking with him. 

That would be 94-95 percent of 46 percent. About 10 percent of the people who didn’t vote for him approve of him … and realistically we are right back where we were on Election Day.’

Penn added that the questions asked during polls “are often skewed” and unsurprisingly, they favor the Leftist viewpoints:

They’re the kind of questions you make up in New York, Washington or Los Angeles. None of them typically cover all of the Trump message points.

They typically cover all the opposition message points.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that the liberals are the oppressive force right now – that’s right, snowflakes, I said it – which means many Patriots are actually afraid to speak their mind.


In fact, a recent Harvard-Harris poll reportedly showed 60 percent of Americans were afraid to freely express their political opinions even to friends and family members, let alone pollsters.

In brief, don’t bother with the so-called “official approval ratings.” They mean nothing, as they’ve always meant nothing when the media holds a very clear agenda.

Sources: Western Journalism, Fox News

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