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School BANS Mother’s Day, Then One Ticked-Off Dad Delivers The PERFECT Reply

The U.S. public schools have been at war with all things traditionally American for decades.

Some of this has been enabled and encouraged by absurd court decisions. In other cases, the school districts have offended Americans all on their own, without any additional help.

They’re really, really good at that.

The good news is that Conservative America still has a voice, and we love it when a parent stands up and fights for good old-fashioned values.

That’s why we must also applaud another irate parent, who has responded to an utterly absurd new rule at her child’s school:

One Canadian school district has declared war on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Yes, the liberals have found something ELSE to attack for no reason whatsoever.

From Conservative Tribune:

One school has come under fire after Roy Glebe, a parent of a child at Albert McMahon Elementary in Mission, British Columbia, posted a photo of a letter sent home with his child concerning Mother’s Day that’s drawing more attention than the school likely expected.”

See, Mr. Glebe isn’t going to let the school get away with ignoring Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Not without a fight.

Want to know the reason for the school’s decision? Here it is in a letter from the school itself, and directly following is Mr. Glebe’s response, which has since blown up on Facebook:

The action of this school is typical liberal garbage.

They claim “inclusiveness” which implies including others, when what they are doing is the exact opposite. They are excluding students from the school’s programming who wish to celebrate their mothers and fathers.

And the term “diversity” has been so twisted around that it has lost any objective meaning. The hypocritical snowflakes can’t even tell when they’re being blatantly INtolerant.

What is clear is that we need more parents like Mr. Glebe.

You know, guys who aren’t afraid to take on liberal school districts when they engage in such transparent attacks on traditional Western culture.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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