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School Tries To Force Muslim Agenda On Students – One Furious Mom Says ‘Hell No’

It’s crazy how fast the West is capitulating to Islam.

Even though the demographic situation is well in natives’ favor, Muslims in these countries are still able to exercise unimaginable influence that far outstrips their numbers.

They’re able to pressure governments to kowtow to their every desire, making it obvious what the future holds as native birth rates continue to plummet and theirs skyrockets.

Schools are a major battleground in this fight, as Muslim propaganda and rules are creeping in with ferocious speed. In Queensland, Australia, one primary school is fighting a preemptive battle to prevent the Islamic takeover of their classrooms.

As reported at Mad World News, a Queensland primary school is embroiled in a controversy as parents are pushing to ban Muslim students wearing the hijab.

Benowa State School P&C President, Brooke Patterson, called for the ban after she was asked to design uniforms for young girls which provided “sexual modesty coverings.”

Not content to see where this slippery slope was leading, Patterson took initiative, calling for an immediate ban before things spiral out of their control.

We need to debate this now, otherwise in three months there will be a Muslim uniform in state schools in Queensland,” she told the Liberal National Party state conference.

In response, the cowardly school principal, Michael Josey, called for Patterson to stand down and said uniform policy had to be in line with anti-discrimination laws.

So anti-discrimination really means “in accordance with the feelings and laws of Islam.”

“You will need to step aside with this matter and declare a conflict of interest, as your own personal political views cannot represent or influence the views of the P&C at this school,” Josey wrote.

Patterson hasn’t been deterred by the limp-wristed principle, as she correctly points out that allowing religious clothing like head scarves effectively creates a special uniform for Muslims alone, which you’d think would cut against the idea of  “equality” that leftists push.

Why would you be trying to do that in a secular state? We are not deciding at Benowa State School uniforms according to a Muslim culture,” she said.

The people who are most vulnerable to this are the poor darling girls between the ages of five and nine. Their religion doesn’t say anything about prepubescent girls wearing a sexual modesty garment.”

As always, the Left wants Muslims to receive special treatment at the expense of everyone else. They wouldn’t allow Christian students the ability to dress in a way that their religion commanded them to, right?

We must continue to stand opposed to their traitorous allegiance and importation of the Muslim invaders, or else the West runs the risk of being destroyed from the inside.

Sources: Mad World News, Daily Mail

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