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DAMN! Secret Service Agent Unleashes The CHILLING Truth…Trump Is In IMMEDIATE Danger!

It’s be nice if the President didn’t have to live in a fortress.

But these are not the days of President Harry Truman who liked to give the the White House security detail the slip so he could take walks by himself.

Those in charge of protecting the leader of our nation face a difficult task and it began on inauguration day for Donald Trump’s administration.

It’s especially scary knowing that part of the threat  comes from those who are mentally unhinged, as opposed to those with a clear agenda.

For instance, the attempted assassination of President Reagan comes to mind. So does the time when someone crashed a small plane on the White House lawn during the presidency of Bill Clinton.

Others have managed to jump the White House fence and actually get in the building, although they were stopped before their ultimate intentions were known.

This happened at least once during the Obama administration. So now that we’ve just had a similar occurrence with President Trump in the White House, concern over White House security has been raised once again.

So how safe is the president when in the White House?

Uh, well…

Here’s what Independent Journal Review (via Reuters) can tell us about the incident:

“President Donald Trump was inside the White House when the male suspect climbed over the fence on the complex’s South Grounds at 11:38 p.m. on Friday, and uniformed officers arrested him, the Secret Service said in a statement.”

So, was this guy a danger, a lunatic, or both? We’ll let you decide.

“[Jonathan] Tran [the intruder] told agents he was a friend of the president and had an appointment with him, according to the documents. He was carrying two cans of mace as well as a U.S. passport, a computer and one of the president’s books, authorities said.”

That’s a pretty strange collection of paraphernalia to bring along for a visit with the president. And what, no camera?

While this man was apprehended, and he carried no deadly weapon as far as the report tells us, it remains a concern that this guy was able to get as far as he did before being taken into custody.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino commented:

The Secret Service is not ready right now to defend the White House. They’re not. I know that may make people uncomfortable.

And frankly, I am really getting tired of some of the talking heads on cable news who have never done one minute in the shoes a Secret Service agent.”

While Bongino’s comments are alarming, he also offered the solution:

“Fix the fence. Reinforce the manpower on the north and the south grounds. Add special weapons teams. Get the best technology in there right now. Get them in there yesterday.”

Yeah, better get things done. FAST.

By the way, Bongino is the same guy who turned on Obama in regards to the whole wiretapping scandal…we’re starting to like this guy. 😉

Sources: Independent Journal Review, Reuters

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