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Senate Drops Colossal Bombshell On Obama’s Legacy…His Biggest Failure Is DEAD!

This is undeniably AWESOME.

One of America’s most iconic photographs, if a photographer could actually get it, would be of President Obama shutting the White House door behind him, head down, face morose, the 1,000 words shapshot of his last days of the presidency – the crumbling phase.

That’s the phase when all his hard progressive work comes crashing down because of two little words: Donald. Trump.

And it seems we’re entering that phase now. After months of vows from Trump and the Republican Party to ditch Obamacare for a healthcare system that, you know, might actually work, we have officially taken the first step toward a full repeal.

If you need an extra few seconds to stand up and cheer, go right ahead. We’ll wait.

…okay, ready?

“The Senate is already rolling back President Barack Obama’s legacy,” wrote Breitbart.


Members already passed S.Con.Res.3, the continuing resolution that strips the taxes, fees and subsidies from Obamacare. The vote? 51 to 48.

Everybody on the GOP except Sen. Rand Paul voted for the resolution; part of Rand’s holdup was the measure didn’t address the federal debt. He was also concerned the repeal measure didn’t include a replacement component.

In a tweet after the vote, which he cast by quietly approaching the clerk’s desk and whispering, according to Breitbart, Paul wrote: “As we repeal Obamacare we would be wise to vote on its replacement at the same time.”

Sen. David Perdue, a Republican from Georgia, said he voted for the measure because Obamacare was a disaster America couldn’t afford.

“Since President Obama and his Democratic Super Majority crammed this bill through Congress without one Republican vote, we’ve seen premiums and deductibles increase and choices decrease. Many Americans, like me and my wife, had their insurance plans cancelled altogether.”

The vote took seven hours to finish.

But all a good conservative can say is this: Finally.

After years of anger followed by sticker shock for rising premiums, those on the side of opposing Obamacare, and the streamroll way in which Democrats pushed it through Congress – and the outrageous way the Supreme Court justified and rubber-stamped its existence – are finally seeing action that could crumble the hated health care program.

President-elect Donald Trump vowed to make Obamacare repeal a priority. He’s not even taken office yet, and here we are, watching Obama’s signature piece of legislation hit the editing floor, one happy snippet at a time.

Source: Breitbart

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