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Senate Deals CRUSHING Blow To Obama Legacy…Democrats Humiliated!

For almost eight years, conservatives in America have watched the Republicans in Congress cave and cater to President Obama’s demands on the budget, in particular, as well as on certain executive appointments and actions.

Can you say, “tea party?”

That’s what brought in the Taxed Enough Already movement: the failure of Republicans on Capitol Hill to stand firm in the face of liberal onslaughts and fight off Democratic agendas, including several wish list items of Obama’s – like Obamacare – that ought never have seen or survived the light of legislative day.

Apparently, Donald Trump’s win has given Washington, D.C., GOPers a spark of life.

“On Thursday,” The Analytical Economist wrote at, “the Senate unanimously voted 99-0 on a bill that would extend sanctions on Iran for another decade. The measure, known as the Iran Sanctions Extension Act, was passed by the House 419-1 two weeks prior.”

What was miraculous about these votes were they came over the staunch objections of Obama.


The Iran deal pressed into reality by Obama in January; a deal that was opposed not only by Republicans and several world leaders, but also by some of those in the president’s own political party, specifically called for the relaxing of certain U.S.-led sanctions against Tehran.

But Iran’s not really keeping up its own terms of the agreement. As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in the Washington Examiner, Tehran has displayed a “continued pattern of aggression” and shown “efforts to expand its sphere of influence across the region.”

No matter to Obama’s White House, however, which still wants America to abide the no-sanctions terms of the U.S.-Iran nuke treaty. And Obama, along with several of his leading executive-level cohorts, made it clear they didn’t want Congress to take sanction action against Iran.

But for once, Congress put its foot down.

“Now it’s all up to Barack Obama to pass the bill,” The Analytical Economist wrote. “But given the overwhelming majority in the House and Senate, overriding that veto shouldn’t be too difficult.”

Source:, Washington Examiner

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