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Breaking: Senate Drops TEXAS-Sized A-Bomb On Sanctuary Cities…Liberals Are RAGING!

“If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump off the bridge, too?”

You can probably identify that statement very easily. Democrats apparently can’t, as they continue to react like petulant, even violent children in the wake of their historic loss last November.

Seriously, they’re all jumping off that bridge in record numbers. It’s kind of astonishing, really.

This is why it’s absurd that certain law-breakers (oops, I mean lawmakers) around the U.S. are breaking federal immigration laws by declaring this city or that city as a haven for criminals!

President Donald Trump is taking BIG strides to stop the sanctuary city insanity, and not a moment too soon.

Now, one state has just scored a massive victory against the idea of U.S. havens for illegal immigrants and criminals, and Trump undoubtedly couldn’t be happier.


The Texas Senate has voted 20-11 to ban ‘sanctuary cities’ within the Lone Star State. Currently, the cities of Houston, Austin, and Dallas are identified as ‘sanctuary cities’ and do not cooperate with immigration officials or prosecute people for violating immigration laws.

Last month, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pledged to eliminate sanctuary cities within the state.

This seems like a bit of a no-brainer. Immigration laws exist for a reason, and like other laws, should be enforced. It’s not good policy to pick and choose which laws to ignore.”

I can’t remember a time when the feds allowed blatant disregard for governmental law by the States (or anyone else, for that matter).

What is it about Liberals that they support the dumbest laws (Climate Change, Net Neutrality, Abortion on Demand, The Fairness Doctrine, Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement) yet break the sensible and MAJORITY SUPPORTED laws!

The statistics surrounding sanctuary cities are so mind-bogglingly awful that nobody in their right mind could POSSIBLY support them. Right?

Clearly, sanctuary cities provide the perfect cover and excuse for a thriving black market business of falsified US documents, licenses, IDs, and membership cards.

They promote the rampant spread of identity theft, election fraud, social services fraud, and they shield dangerous foreign felons who have possibly entered the country on multiple occasions after deportation.

It is about time that States leaders and Attorney Generals begin to take this threat seriously and stamp out law-breakers masquerading as lawmakers!

Source: Townhall

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